Margaret Cho extends her comeback tour

Will Loschiavo with Margaret Cho in March 2018 in W. Nyack, NY
Will Loschiavo with Margaret Cho in March 2018 in W. Nyack, NY

Margaret Cho announced a few weeks ago that due to the success of her latest world tour, Fresh off the Bloat, it has been extended. The tour will continue with more potential dates to be added as the year goes on. At her Levity Live Comedy Club in West Nyack, NY appearance she held the recent December/January cover story from Out In Jersey magazine.

During the show Cho premiered her revamped comedy show. Fresh off the Bloat maintains the original concept of the tour whilst still incorporating a plethora of recent social issues — albeit without dropping the satire.

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho is on a comeback tour

Fresh off the Bloat has garnered a reputation as Cho’s big comeback. The show is also noticeably longer in length. This is a smart move on Cho’s part in lieu of the only criticism of the original show was its discernible swift runtime and abrupt ending.

Before Cho hit the stage, the Queen of Comedy, took time to meet with Out In Jersey. She showed immense appreciation for, “the continued support and long-lasting relationship.”

During the first leg of the tour, Cho’s featured opening act was good friend and little person comic, Selene Luna. In the short time since, Luna, has earned major bank and fame with her role as Tia in the Disney Pixar 3D computer-animated film Coco. The film has thus far grossed $769 million worldwide.

This time, Cho’s opening act is also her romantic partner, fellow comedian Rocco Stowe. He joined Cho in spending time with Out In Jersey reflecting and commiserating, “Thank you for thinking of me and putting together this cover story. I am truly grateful. This experience has been an absolute pleasure. Any time you need me, any time, I am here.”

One of the highlights of Cho’s revamped Fresh off the Bloat is her take on gay hot spot Provincetown, her life as a self-proclaimed “fag hag,” and gay millennials.

Margaret Cho will continue to tour the country with Fresh off the Bloat until June 2, 2018. For more information visit

Will Loschiavo
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