“Love, Charlie” tells the story of chef Charlie Trotter

Chef Charlie Trotter wearing a chefs jacket with his arms crossed
Chef Charlie Trotter. Photo: Charlie Trotter’s

Working hard to prove yourself still has limits

The documentary Love, Charlie tells the true story of chef, Charlie Trotter, which includes the amazing rise and tragic fall of his cooking career, and the food empire he so fiercely built.

Director Rebecca Halpern does a great job at letting the audience in on Trotter’s perspective and showing how driven he was to fulfill his dreams. From the beginning, he worked hard to prove himself and push the limits to become the best chef possible.

The film dives into talking about the importance of recognizing that people who you work with are still people and that sometimes it is important to stop and appreciate the value and beauty of human connections and know there is more to life than just being the best you can at your career.

The format of the documentary was put together in an intriguing way. The style of the filming added a sense of drama and intensity to the film which was pleasant to see as the viewer.

I loved hearing from his fellow employees and family members. The one interview I enjoyed seeing the most was from his first wife, Lisa Ehrlich. She shared many important aspects of Trotter’s life. The insight she gave was moving and articulate.

The film showed how Trotter’s personality changed over the course of his life. He went through a lot of trials, and it presented the transitions that happened to his character with great authenticity. Trotter was a unique and passionate individual and it showed that while yes, he had flaws like we all do, his differences made him have a huge impact on the world in several ways.

Love, Charlie, shows the impacts Trotter made on society which at times was a bit dark and cold. If you are at all into documentary-style movies or TV shows, I recommend giving it a watch! 4.5 out of 5 stars 

Love, Charlie Trailer