LGBT owned workout gym bombed in Gloucester City

The front door of the Crossfit Gym after the bomb on August 26, 2020
The front door of the Crossfit Gym after the bomb on August 26, 2020

Local man has been arrested

Dwayne A. Vandergrift of Camden County was arrested and charged with planting and detonating a bomb on the front door of G-City Crossfit gym in Gloucester City, N.J. G-City CrossFit, a small Crossfit gym in Gloucester City, New Jersey is owned by Jenai Gonzales and her wife Ann Panarello. The front entrance was bombed on August 26.

The gym is a safe space for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community to work out in.

“Due to the large gay-pride flag hanging on the door where the bomb was placed and other factors, this crime is being investigated as a hate crime. G-City Crossfit had and will continue to have a large gay-pride flag displayed prominently in their front door,” said Steve Vitale. Vitale owns an online store called Lifting Culture.

The FBI and ATF joined in the investigation. The bomb blew out the front door of the gym in the early morning hours of August 26. The gym has a rainbow Pride flag hanging in its front window. The front door was blown apart, but no other visible damage to the gym can be seen.

Vandergrift was in possession of two more explosive devices and an illegal short-barreled rifle when he was arrested. There is no known motive for the attack at this time.