Let’s instill the Constitution with Equality

Matty Daley says the LGBT community needs to show compassion toward Dharun Ravi.

Matty DaleyWhen it comes to gun violence and the right to bear arms, how many people have you listened to and/or read refer to the so-called “sacred” document we call the Constitution and cite the rhetoric of our founding fathers?

Setting aside the nonsensical belief that our “founding fathers” meant for the second amendment to protect our right to own and bear semi-automatic weapons, and not the simpler flintlock rifles or dueling pistols of their historical days in question, it is within reason to suggest our Constitution deserves reexamination (and fine-tuning) through one glaring, obvious lens of distortion: sexism. 

What about our Founding Mothers? What would they have said about gun control? Or the right of the people to their bodies? To bear arms, literally, and not have them – or your legs or chest or head or hands or feet – shot up with bullets, while you’re dancing? How would they interpret hyper-masculine, male-dominated America, as built by the doctrine of our “infallible” Founding Fathers?

It is time we equalize the Constitutional voice with which we build our country upon daily. It is time we re-evaluate the role of hegemonic distortion and the dangerous attitude it has instilled in entitled Americans (this includes both Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers, and not just the often criticized Millennial generation.)  It is time for truly righteous change to occur. 

Regardless of whether or not inconsistent Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes America’s first female President, severing the gender divide that has held hostage our Oval Office, it is important women and the feminine alike receive a renewed voice in our foundation. 

Thus, the proposal of our Founding Mothers. With the tag line: We’ll work better and faster than Congress because we won’t have to wait for the men to finish a pissing contest.

For the F. M. job, I nominate (for starters):

Samantha Bee

Oprah Winfrey

Ellen Degeneres

Elizabeth Warren

Whoopi Goldberg

Soledad O’Brian

Maya Ajmera

Margaret Cho

Meryl Streep

What other women would you nominate to represent our future as Founding Mothers? ……