Legends of the Fall

"Blame it on Bianca Del Rio" by Bianca Del Rio
"Blame it on Bianca Del Rio" by Bianca Del Rio
Three great reads for the season

Blame It On Bianca Del Rio by Bianca Del Rio 

Releasing the standard dance track or reality show is sometimes that standard for alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race. But for Season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio, this rollicking stand up superstar never does what is expected. She has released her own advice book, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio with a warning to the readers: Dear Abby this tome is not! It’s called The Expert On Nothing With An Opinion On Everything and every page lives up to its cover.

There are chapters called “Chew With Your Legs Closed,” and “People Who Hold Your Hair When You Vomit.” It contains some of the sharpest answers to some of the most hilarious questions. From children, to switching jobs, to relationship advice, Del Rio delivers the advice with her tongue planted firmly in cheek. She has a delivery that you can almost hear. The book showcases where Del Rio truly shines; her razor sharp wit. It is why she sells out show tickets all over the world. Seeing Bianca Del Rio live is an experience all on it’s own. But being able to crack open Blame It On Bianca Del Rio and get a dose of this self proclaimed “clown” whenever you want, is an even bigger treat.

Boys Keep Swinging by Jake Shears 

"Boys Keep Swinging" by Jake Shears
“Boys Keep Swinging” by Jake Shears

Jake Shears is known for fronting the dynamic rock/pop/electroclash fusion force of nature that is the Scissor Sisters. But getting a peek into how he went from small town introvert, to frontman, to one of music’s most revolutionary bands is true revelation, as is his autobiography Boys Keep Swinging.

Shears story starts out similar to many young little gay boys in a small town. Jason (as he was then known) sat back. He watched the world around him taking place. And found solace in his idol David Bowie’s hypnotic and historic music, and a phone chat line, where he met a lifelong friend, Mary. The Scissor Sisters hit single is named for Mary.

When Shears hits New York City his dreams truly start to take shape. Going through all of the usual greatest hits that all virgin New Yorkers go through (bad neighborhoods, worse apartments), we take the ride with him from go-go dancing, to late night hot tub parties with the elite of New York City. Nightlife regulars will find names sprinkled throughout that will bring a classic era of New York City nightlife rushing back. People and places of that era are the backdrop that the Scissor Sisters took shape in front of.

The Scissor Sisters finally hit their sweet spot, in terms of success, but it stops short of being a full on Scissor Sisters autobiography. Will there be a second book to detail their personal raucous stories? Perhaps. For now, Boys Keep Swinging is the page turner all little gay boys with a dream need to read.

Pretty Mess by Erika Jayne 

"Pretty Mess" by Erika Jayne
“Pretty Mess” by Erika Jayne

She’s been a dance diva and a gay icon, and most recently, a Real Housewife, but Erika Jayne may be in her most revealing role yet — author. While Erika Gerardi may be slightly reserved with what she discloses on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gerardi lets the life of both her and her alter ego Ms. Jayne spill completely out in her memoir, appropriately titled Pretty Mess.

She bravely discussed getting pregnant at the age of 20 by her boyfriend. And then discusses in detail how that subsequent marriage splintered apart (Gerardi’s son lives in California with her and her husband, famed attorney Tom Gerardi, but does not appear on the show). While many are quick to label her as a typical California gold digger, Jayne sets the record straight. She details her courtship and marriage to Gerardi, despite the decades between their ages. The book culminates with the story of how former Housewife Yolanda Hadid helped Gerardi see the true “pivot” in her career. Coming on board as a cast member of the Bravo juggernaut may have been one of her best career choices yet.