Out Review: “Leaving a charmed life”

Leaving a Charmed Life book cover
The cover of "Leaving a Charmed Life."

Kadian Grant has a way with words. While we expect that from an author, this is extremely impressive in a freshman effort, titled Leaving a Charmed Life, where her soul is so very open. From the moment I read her first vignette, I was in the palm of her hand.

Literally and figuratively, she opens her true-life account of seeking, straying from, then locking in on joy by taking us on a very memorable trip to the beach. I felt the warm breeze, smelled the salty ocean, and heard the rustle of the gentle tropical breeze in the palm trees; when that happened, I knew there were other experiences I would share with that same level of profound tactile depth. And I wasn’t sure I was ready.

Grant doesn’t pull any punches — and by sharing the depth of the pain, the frissons of joy and light are that much more acute. The act of growing up is not Ozzie and Harriet or Modern Family for most of us. It is an act of courage. Each one of us had a different experience and while some sail on through, others are like ducks: what we see is smooth above the water, but a different story below the water as the feet are going a mile a minute.

Consider the cover of her book — like The Wizard of Oz, her life goes from black, white, and gray to full color. Grant has grit and determination, and her call to authentic happiness makes resonance within me.

This is a quick read. This is a deep read. It is not an easy read, but a shero’s quest should not be.

The darkness is real. The work Grant does is real and the battle we know is uphill and ongoing. When the goal is achieving authentic happiness, is that effort possible? Spoiler alert — the answer is YES! The “why” you know. The “how,” you need to know.

Fellow warriors, those of us who have battled some of the same demons, or whose loved ones may be locked in that battle now, will have a great opportunity to give a gift of importance. Meet Kadian Grant, and get your copy (or copies) of Leaving a Charmed Life. I’m keeping mine!

Leaving a Charmed Life by Kadian Grant, c.2023, Creative Courage Press. KadianGrant.com