Lea Sky on the makings of a phenomenal Queen

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Art Courtesy of Lea Sky (Facebook)

How a big gamble has lead to an immense jackpot

Lea Sky is a multiple title holder, a mentor to many queens, and someone that has helped set the tone for her community of Asbury Park. Meanwhile, offstage, this uber professional has stepped slightly away from the spotlight for a career and an “engaging” life change. But she is roaring back to the stage this weekend at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to headline Pride Bingo along with a gaggle of other queens hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race dynamo and actor Shangela!

I caught up with Lea Sky to talk about what she feels her biggest gambles in her career and life have been.

What would you consider your best casino game?

Lea Sky wearing silver crown
Art Courtesy of Lea Sky (Facebook)

Lea Sky: I’m not much of a gambler at all actually; however, the few times I have been to Atlantic City, I would enjoy playing Lucky Lemmings because my mother always gets a kick out of that game. To be honest, I don’t even think the game is still around. AC, to me, is more about the parties, bars, and going to Deliah’s Den to kiki with all the Go-Go Girls!

What do you consider the biggest gamble you have ever taken in your career?

LS: Putting huge wigs on this head of mine and pinning the crap out of it. It ensures the thing doesn’t fly off my head during a performance! Just kidding (laughs)!
I think overall, every time I have stepped out on stage throughout my career, it was a gamble. Whether it is a pageant, song choice, or a look I was going for, I always felt it was a gamble. I know I succeeded when the crowd was receptive towards me, and of course, how well I felt about it all after I was done.

The queen is one of the most popular cards in the deck; tell me, what makes a phenomenal queen?

LS: Being completely vulnerable and letting go of the ego. You catch more flies with honey than you do with shit. People go out to drag shows to have a great time. It can be a complete escape from someone’s everyday routine. It’s important to relate to the crowd, and you can’t if you are walking around like you’re better than someone, or better then the girl next to ya. Relax, it’s just drag. Have fun!

In life, what is the biggest “jackpot” you have won, personal or career-wise?

LS: There are definitely a few jackpots I have won in my life, and at different times in my life. My family and my friends will always remain a forever win. In my drag career winning Miss Gay Asbury Park, Miss Gay NJ, and of course, last but certainly never least, Miss Paradise have all been a jackpot win. My drag career has since slowed down immensely. At this point in my life, I’m going to be extremely corny, and admit that all these wins in my life lead to my ultimate jackpot. That being my fiancé Travis, whom I am marrying September 26, 2020. It is my parent’s wedding anniversary as well. I’m not a romantic person at all, but it’s pretty damn cool. And I’m really excited to win a few more jackpots along the way with my soon-to-be husband.

Everyone has their “Ace” in their performance arsenal; what do you consider your ace that truly sets you apart from the rest?

Lea Sky with gold crown and flowers.
Art Courtesy of Lea Sky (Facebook)

LS: This was an interesting question, so I asked two friends about it. Their response to me about my “ace” was, “Think about your favorite song to perform and how it makes you feel.”

That was easy for me; “Dreamer” by Livin Joy (Janice Robinson). That song gives me all the feels. It takes me to another level I cannot explain. I have fun performing it and enjoy when the crowd starts singing it and dancing along with me.

My other friend said, “I think what sets you apart is that you have a very deep sense of community. You always make it a point to say hi and be friendly with everyone. You remember people’s names and go out of your way to make even strangers feel comfortable at an event, so when you perform, you engage the audience. You don’t just grab the money. You smile, make eye contact, and give each person their moment.”

(Thanks LeighAnn and Amanda)!