“Lap Dance Lust” is indoor fun for everyone

Book cover of Lap Land Lust
Book cover of Lap Land Lust

Mmmm, springtime! Lots of things blooming, including libidinous urges, yes? It’s time to re-acquaint yourself with Rachel Kramer Bussel and her latest work – Lap Dance Lust. Wherever you are on the erotic spectrum, this book is a box of deliciously decadent desires for you to sample. 

If you’ve never read erotica before, this is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to explore what fantasy may be from a different perspective, this is for you. Do you like reading naughty things on a beach or pool deck full of people? Then this book is DEFINITELY for you. However, if you are someone who sometimes reads, AHEM, one-handed, you may want to opt for a bit more privacy. 

Available as a paperback or e-book, there are many flavors to enjoy. The title story alone will fuel your most prurient imaginings. Other favorites include “I’ll Have What She’s Having”, “Secretary’s Day”, and “Standing Room Only.” 

You may read this cover to cover or sample at your whim, however, you choose your pleasure. And erotic fantasy lives in the mind, with a life of its own.

Catch this book in time for summer reading and enjoy the heat it brings. 

Trade Paperback (9781627783354): $18.95, Ebook (9781627785488): $17.99 USD