Lagoona Bloo’s new single “Toys” is a euphoric, and empowering sex-positive bop

A man is facing Lagoona Bloo and she has her right hand in the middle of his back and her left hand and head are resting seductively on his right shoulder.
Lagoona Bloo: Toys. Single Artwork
Lagoona Bloo is wearing a short gold dress and has blonde hair
Lagoona Bloo. Photo by Tanner Abel

Up-and-coming artist Lagoona Bloo is channeling sexual empowerment and confidence on her new single “Toys”. The steamy track is out now on streaming services.

The song is a shamelessly direct one in which she exclaims in the lyrics, “If you can’t keep up, I’ll just use my toys, I don’t need a boy.” The song serves as a reminder to fully embrace our sexuality and our desires. Also released to go with the song is a sexy lyrical video visualizer which also features a part of the song in Spanish. The video footage shows Lagoona dancing on a gorgeous hunk and making it clear what she wants from him.

The single also shows a more bold side of Lagoona compared to her previous single, “Elle Woods.” This time around, she reminds listeners unashamedly of the beauty of fully embracing your sexual freedom. 

Lagoona is ranking up millions of streams and receiving widespread media praise. She is showing that her music, filled with messages of self-love and empowerment, is touching many hearts. This year she performed with Grammy winning pop superstar Kim Petras at her album release party and also toured as an opening act for Euro-pop sensation Aqua. If this is any indicator, 2024 may be her biggest year yet to come.

She will be releasing her debut album next year titled Underwater Bubble Pop, which will have additional songs full of overcoming adversity and embracing her full potential. The lyrics she has are so needed for the LGBTQ community. The album stems from her difficult upbringing with growing up having to suppress her true self in a conservative family. She wants listeners to experience the same empowerment she found for herself through the songs she will be putting out.

Lagoona is definitely an artist to watch for next year. Be sure to check out her songs wherever you listen to music.