Lagoona Bloo’s new music video “Elle Woods” is joyful pop explosion

Lagoona Bloo
Lagoona Bloo

Drag queen Lagoona Bloo is blending music with the expression of drag in her brand new music video for the song “Elle Woods.” The video, unabashedly inspired by the Legally Blonde movies, is an explosion of pink colors and full of confidence bursting off the screen.

Lagoona dances her way in the video with empowerment and groove. Her background dancers bring a fun and infectious energy that is entertaining. The video and song have a fun and upbeat vibe in the vein of other pop divas like Kesha and Katy Perry. The lyrics that speak about self can all be taken from the beloved character Elle Woods.

The video also serves as a reminder that, despite our backgrounds and whatever pain we may have faced, we can still achieve our dreams.

Already having millions of streams, Bloo is paving the way for more success to come. She is combining drag with new, fun, simple pop songs and this could well be the beginning of a big musical career for her. A few RuPaul’s Drag Race stars make an appearance in the video, which is especially amazing for the many fans of the show.

Keri Colby and Marcia Marcia Marcia make drag cameos in this big glamorous video! The playful energy filled in here is likely to make viewers smile as well as get a burst of confidence.

Bloo is one drag queen to look out for, but for now, enjoying her new, exciting music video is a treat. This video is a blast to watch and will be a joy, especially for fans of Drag and pop music lovers.