La Chocolate Box is chock-full of sweet delights

La Chocolate Box storefront in Lambertville, NJ
La Chocolate Box storefront in Lambertville, NJ photo by Cora Berke
La Chocolate Box counter in Lambertville, NJ
La Chocolate Box counter in
Lambertville, NJ Photo by Cora Berke

When you are in Lambertville, NJ, and you have a craving for sweets or need a gift for that special someone, head into La Chocolate Box on North Union St.

If you are daydreaming of Paris, first look at the windmill of the Moulin Rouge in the window. When you enter through the vintage door, you will feel like you are in a French confectionary salon piled high with sweet delights. Owner Craig Andrews has turned an ordinary storefront into a magical place.

There are both locally sourced and imported artisanal confections. For the chocoholics, try the gourmet chocolate truffles filled with Absinthe to ganache and everything in between. If caramel is your favorite, do not leave without the sea salt caramels in dark or milk chocolate.

La Chocolate Box in Lambertville, NJ
La Chocolate Box in Lambertville, NJ. Photo by Cora Berke

There are throwbacks to the corner candy store with malted milk balls, chocolate-covered raisins, jelly rings, gummies, fruit slices, and so much more! There are always seasonal favorites, and I highly recommend the watermelon jellies for summer. There are vegan, organic, nut-free, and sugar-free treats too.

If you are looking for a gift, there are pre-made boxes of chocolate, or you can make your own. They will also do special orders for birthday parties, weddings, and all special events. Everything is wrapped to perfection with the best-made bows and ribbon selection! There is a great array of cards and non-edible gifts too.

Cool off this summer with a truffle ice cream bar, and keep in mind their specialty hot chocolates when winter comes around again.

La Chocolate Box is a year-round destination for all your sweet needs!
They are closed on Mondays.

La Chocolate Box: 39 North Union Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530