Kristine W will be in New Hope this weekend and still tops the charts


Kristine WKristine W is giving the boys another single to hit the dance floors this summer. “So Close To Me” has remixes by such dance floor legends as Joe Gauthreaux and Tony Moran. Kristine is bring her summertime “Love Come Home” tour to New Hope Celebrates Gay Pride on Saturday May 17th. She spoke with me about the “Love Come Home” tour, the meaning behind her new single “So Close To Me,” and something you may not know about – yet!

Your new single “So Close To Me” has already hit the dance charts. How does it feel to be still topping the charts after so many hits?

Kristine W. Summer TourIt was pretty mind boggling! There were so many other records out at the time, and I kept thinking that my timing was horrible! So many other records had come out at that time, especially Pitbull & Kesha’s “Timber” and I knew that it would be a huge record, it’s such a great record! There were so many during that time that were amazing, and I had a knot in my stomach for about, literally, four months.

So many of your records always have a deeper meaning behind what we initially may hear on the dance floor .What’s the meaning behind “So Close To Me”?

I started writing it because it just seemed like people are getting more disconnected & there’s more space between us. Technology, Twitter, everything like that, people don’t even talk on the phone at all anymore. That feeling when you see someone in person, you just can’t duplicate that. That’s really how it started, “When you’re so close to me, I can hardly breathe”. You know that feeling, you can’t replace it with a phone call, a text, or even  Skype, it’s that actual feeling of someone being right there. There’s magic there I think. We’ve kind of gotten away from that feeling, and I wanted to write a song about being right there! It’s not just a hook up on Grindr! (Laughs).

You worked with some of the most amazing remixers in the game on this record, like Oscar G, Cosmic Dawn, and Tony Moran. How do you always find such an eclectic, yet perfect blend of remixers on your projects?

Kristine W New Number OnesThe music keeps us all together really. I will hear from some people who will tell me that they heard a song on my album, and let me know that if i ever release it as a single, they want to do a remix, that’s really how it starts. Sometimes I’ll be doing a show and I will be talking with a DJ/remixer about what we both are releasing next, and they may say “hey I’d like to do a remix of that”!  Working with different promoters I get a lot of feedback from them, from the person who manages my I Tunes account, and the people I work with. There are so many people that go into it really.

We recently lost Frankie Knuckles, who was a legend in the music industry. Did you ever have any specific memories or experiences with him?

I saw Frankie Knuckles live in Chicago, and it was an absolutely magical and amazing night, I’ll never forget it. I went into the booth and he was so kind. Watching him spin live was amazing; he was doing a lot of his own remixes and he was a true musician who really could make music for the people. He knew how to bring people up with his music and was such an inspiration and a unique spirit.

New Hope Celebrates 5-17-14He hugged me that night and told me how much he loved my work. I remember calling his manager many times for him to do a remix for me, and it just never came together. I always will regret that our schedules just never worked out to make that happen. I really admired him; he was the real deal.

This weekend onSaturday May 17th, you are coming to New Hope, for New Hope Celebrates Gay Pride. Is this your first time in New Hope?

I know, it’s going to be so much fun!

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I have been there before. It wasn’t a Pride event. I think it was an HRC function actually. I was there and I remember it being so beautiful! I’m bringing my dancers this time, so everybody better put their helmets on. We put together a whole new show, the “Love Come Home” tour. We debuted in Vegas last week, at Revolution at The Mirage. It went over so well, I was so excited!

Are you taking the “Love Come Home” tour other places throughout the summer?

Absolutely. I think the last date of the tour will be sometime in October, but it’s gonna be a blast! Definitely keep an eye on

Tell me one thing that people don’t know about Kristine W.?

That I’m a farmer. IYes, I’m a farmer! Also, the same place that I rehearse – I call it “The Ranch.” We have little ones getting horseback riding lessons too. We have horses out here, a couple goats, it’s kind of an interesting place. It looks like a little farmhouse, but all the action happens here, costume fittings, creation of costumes, show ideas, everything! It all goes on here!