Kristin Chenoweth returns to music & Broadway “For The Girls”

Kristin Chenoweth kneeling on white carpet hugging albums
Kristin Chenoweth (Photo by Nellie Beavers)

Kristin Chenoweth is at her most vulnerable opening up to fans

Kristin Chenoweth on stage holding microphone
Kristin Chenoweth (Photo by Nellie Beavers)

Tony award-winning Kristin Chenoweth has accrued a loyal fanbase as a renowned actress and singer with success ranging from Broadway to film to television. It had been a full three years since Kristin Chenoweth graced the Broadway stage (My Love Letter to Broadway in 2016), which came to an end during the November debut of Kristin Chenoweth’s For The Girls at Nederlander Theatre. This limited engagement was a tribute to Chenoweth’s recently released seventh studio album of the same title and it pays homage to some of the most iconic female entertainers of recent history.

A two-act production with a set list of 19 performances, Kristin Chenoweth, is at her most vulnerable opening up to fans before and after each track about each song’s history.

Kristin Chenoweth wearing a black dress holding microphone
Kristin Chenoweth (Photo by Nellie Beavers)

Her personal reasoning for including such in the show and on the album is endearing. Not only do we learn more about who Chenoweth is on and off stage, a side which can be intimidating for any performer to showcase, but we develop an increased level of respect.

Chenoweth tackles hot topics in her music such as gender inequality and the American immigration crisis. Although segments with various special guests in conjunction with performances of Wicked‘s “Popular” and a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” are highlights, Chenoweth shines at her best on the comedic tongue-in-cheek “Blessed: The Millennial Song” which flawlessly addresses the alarming trend that is social media slang becoming everyday speak.

The album, For The Girls, is pure perfection vocally and musically. The only downside is standout tracks, which are featured in the play of the same title (“Blessed: The Millennial Song”) are not included on the shortened 12-track album. Nonetheless, the album delivers, especially on covers such as “You Don’t Own Me” which features Ariana Grande, the “I’m A Woman” throuple act that is Chenoweth in company with Jennifer Hudson and Reba McEntire, as well as “I Will Always Love You” which features Dolly Parton, the original performer behind the archetypal Whitney Houston ballad.

Whether you get a taste on Broadway, CD, or mp3, Kristin Chenoweth delivers For The Girls. The only criticism is we wish the album contained even more anthems.

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