Justice Is A Journey


Reflections from the 2008 Soulforce Q Equality Ride

I will remember the feeling of cold metal around my wrists as I sat in the back of a police car, the glow of candlelight on my fellow Riders faces as we stood vigil to remember the students who have been silenced and wiping rainwater out of my eyes as I stood holding hands with a student in prayer. I will remember an apology from a young man in a Virginia Starbucks for the attitude he and his fellow Christians have shown to the LGBT community, the courage, love, and sacrifice of the students who stood with us, by us, and for us as we journeyed for justice.

These are images, stories, and people, I will never forget. I will carry them forever, these memories of the hardest, most beautiful time of my life on the Soulforce Q Equality Ride.