Julia Fahl is running for mayor of Lambertville

Julia Fahl. Photo by Oz Hatke.
Julia Fahl is in Lambertville, NJ. Photo by Oz Hatke.
Now is the time for the people of Lambertville to ask what they want in a Mayor 

Julia Fahl is no stranger to politics. She said she has garnered the 200 signatures required to be on the ballot for the June 5 primary for mayor in Lambertville, NJ. Fahl is primed to run against longtime incumbent mayor David DelVecchio.

I met Julia at her home while she was in the middle of cooking. She was helping to cook for a local family in need. So, besides her passion for politics, she has a real passion for the community she calls home. Julia is well seasoned politically at her young age. She seems committed to making her hometown of Lambertville a better place. She said “Lambertville is such a special place” and she wanted to make this her home.

Fahl grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For a high school community service project she volunteered for the John Kerry campaign in 2004. She said it was at that time she “totally caught the bug,” and it totally changed her life.

Kari Osmond and Julia Fahl in Lambertville, NJ
Kari Osmond and Julia Fahl in Lambertville, NJ. Photo by Oz Hatke.

Later, when Julia graduated college, she did fundraising for first-time female candidates running for office. She traveled throughout the country and met her wife, Kari Osmond, while in New Jersey. Fahl then settled in Lambertville, and did fundraising for Governor Murphy. She was one of the first fundraisers hired before he publically announced his candidacy.

Mayor Dave DelVecchio has been Lambertville’s Mayor for the past 27 years and has never had a Democratic challenger. Fahl said now is the time for the people of Lambertville to “ask themselves what it is they want in a Mayor. I think Dave has been a really great Mayor and has done a lot for the City, but it became very clear to me that we needed new leadership in town and a new leadership style.”

Julia Fahl wants to bring new volunteers with her if elected Mayor

Julia Fahl said if elected mayor her first priority would be to open up communications and change how the City Council recruits people for various committees, boards and commissions. Fahl said she “doesn’t want to just be the Mayor,” she wants to bring new volunteers with her.

The Town of Lambertville is such an attractive town to live in. For a mile-long list of reasons, she said. “[it has] close proximity to the Delaware River, New York City, Philadelphia, and the sister relationship with New Hope, Pa. “Lambertville has this really unique character that none of the other river towns have. Lambertville engenders this passion amongst its people.”

She said the community works together to make this community better. “Lambertville has an opportunity to make a commitment to the aesthetics of the town.” She would implement a dedicated Shade Tree Fund that would maintain and plant new trees. She talks about using open spaces for town recreation other than just in the business district. She beleives it will bring people into other parts of town. And Fahl envisions farmers’ markets and more small community events for residents.

Julia Fahl is proposing a Small Business Round Table between the Mayor and business owners. Fahl said it will facilitate discussions as to how to make Lambertville more business friendly, and to encourage better development.

Lambertville “is one of the nicest places to live as a gay person,” said Julia Fahl

In speaking about the large LGBT community in Lambertville, she said Lambertville “is one of the nicest places to live as a gay person. This is such an accepting town and a pioneer for the gay community through decades of hard work. We also are nationally known for being an LGBT accepting place to live, and the only site for interstate Pride.” She commended New Hope Celebrates for all the work they have done. If elected Mayor she would like to bring more programming to the New Jersey side of the Delaware River during Pride Week.

Fahl said Lambertville is one of the only predominantly Democratic towns in Hunterdon County, and yet has a Republican Congressman. She would like to have Federal and State representatives come to town and talk to residents about tax issues, Social Security, and unemployment issues. This would be especially beneficial for residents who can’t drive and seniors. She also said she would like to see extra hours for City Hall to accommodate residents who work during the day.

“I’m doing this because I care about Lambertville. The reason I care so much about politics is that politics matter, and it’s really about public service,” she said. “I’ve always felt that the work I was doing was in service to my community, I feel I can give back and encourage others to give back.”

Fahl said she “is totally, totally focused on winning. I am going to knock on every door in town. What I am hearing from people is that they are really excited about having an opportunity for an option on the ballot.”

Julia Fahl’s spirit and determination makes her a strong contender for the Democratic Mayoral race in Lambertville. To learn more about Julia Fahl, follow her on Facebook.





I am a volunteer for New Hope Celebrates in New Hope, PA. and former Board member of FACT Bucks County. I write for Out in Jersey Magazine and the Bucks County Herald. I love travelling, knitting, reading and taking care of my cat Gemma.