Julia Fahl, an out-lesbian, wins the race for Lambertville mayor

Julia Fahl is running for mayor in Lambertville NJ
Julia Fahl is running for mayor in Lambertville NJ
Newcomer Julia Fahl won with 55% of the votes

Julia Fahl’s hard, door-knocking campaign paid off Tuesday night in Lambertville, NJ. Fahl, an out-lesbian defeated long-time incumbent Mayor Dave Del Vecchio in the city race for mayor in the primary in the Democratic party. The polls in Lambertville had a high turnout that favored the newcomer in all the city districts. Fahl won with 55% of the votes.

Fahl said she is excited to continue to move Lambertville forward. The mayoral race for the Democratic candidate in Lambertville is expected to be the end of the race as there is no Republican challenger. Fahl challenged the mayoral incumbent Democrat DelVecchio. She was knocking on doors, meeting with residents, and had an open discussion with DelVecchio in a race that few thought she had a chance to win when it started. 1,378 people voted in the local contest, compared to 1,373 in the gubernatorial primary last year in the city. Fahl said she looks forward to talking to DelVecchio and then getting to work to elect Democrats in the November 2018 general election.

Door to door campaign paid off on Tuesday

There were more signs for Fahl appearing on the lawns and porches as the election night neared. “I see people talking about this town,” she said. “There are so many people interested in volunteering and getting informed. One of the things that I hear from almost everyone is that they don’t hear enough from the city. I am running on opening up lines of communication in town. The city could be doing more to keeping people informed about what’s going on in town, whether it is road construction or a disaster.”

It turned out to be a close race with Fahl just behind Delvecchio in fundraising. $20,000 had been raised by DelVecchio, with $10,375 cash on hand; compared to $10,700 for Fahl, with $6,000 in cash on hand, according to the ELEC last month.

Kari Osmond and Julia Fahl in Lambertville, NJ
Kari Osmond and Julia Fahl in Lambertville, NJ

Fahl spoke during the campaign about investing in the aesthetic appearance of the town with shade trees, and keeping Lambertville “clean and tidy” in response to the concerns she heard from residents. ” I think Dave [DelVecchio] has done a good job in town, but I think we can’t rest on our laurels. There are ways we can make this town run better and more efficiently. It is time to get new hands on the budget. Some new eyes are needed on the Council and to start moving Lambertville forward.”

She said from talking to so many people in town, she has heard so many good ideas. “The system has not ample space for people to give their ideas.” She said, “My ears are open, we can continue that idea of how to improve Lambertville together.”

Fahl proposed more Council meetings and to have panels of experts. She would also like to have regular hours for the Mayor’s office so residents could stop by and express their concerns.

Fahl’s inspiration comes from two things. “The first is my wife, (Kari Osmond). She has been such an incredible source of positivity and momentum. The second thing is that we have met some truly incredible people. It has been overwhelming the amount of support and love I have felt from Lambertville.”

You can also follow Julia Fahl on Facebook at Julia Fahl for Mayor.

Cora Berke
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