Judges rule for two of the Jersey Four


In 2006, in what some in the LGBTI community have called a gross miscarriage of justice, an apparent assault on four young Newark Lesbians in New York’s Greenwich Village resulted in convictions of all four for the non-fatal stabbing of the attacker. As reported at the time, the four African-American young women, Renata Hill, Terrain Dandridge, Patreese Johnson and Venice Brown were walking with other female friends on Christopher Street when a sidewalk vendor, evidently perceiving them as lesbians, screamed insults. 

They attempted to keep moving but the vendor pursued and physically attacked them, choking them, ripping hair from their heads, spitting on them and threatening sexual assault. Numerous witnesses on the always-crowded street concurred with the version of events that led to one of the young women stabbing the vendor in self-defense.