Join traveling translator Cassandra Reilly as she solves a new mystery 

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Not The Real Jupiter

Book Review: Not The Real Jupiter – Murder confreres extraordinaire

The world of translators for particular kinds of literature is a small community. Consequently, when Cassandra Reilly, US expatriates shero of Barbara Wilson’s latest book, finds herself in the United States for an extended period, she is truly in for an adventure.

Cassandra’s life and career are on the verge of becoming a shambles. A new literature translator has become the favorite of an author that Cassandra had been lauded for working on, which endangers Cassandra’s livelihood with other authors as well.

When Cassandra is on a business trip to California, a mysteriously engaging potential new publisher for a Latin American author who is a friend, a very temperamental friend, invites Cassandra to visit her on the Oregon coast, and the adventure begins.

Barbara Wilson provides so much insight into Cassandra’s solitary world that veers from the verge of loneliness to serendipity. And the questions abound. Will Cassandra be convicted of murder, even though she was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Can she solve the murder in time to return to Europe to be a panelist at the career-making conference? Can she survive house-sitting for the tech-minded retired couple whose home is hers while in Portland?

These and so many other questions will make for delightful fall evenings or a dedicated day in your favorite chair, bundled up with a toddy. Cassandra’s thought processes are there, and will you be able to spot the killer from the breadcrumbs? Meet Cassandra. You’ll be glad you did.

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Not The Real Jupiter is ISBN 978-0988356764