John Waters will be in Clinton to converse about his new book

Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters
Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters

Pop culture icon John Waters encourages everyone to Make Trouble in a new graphic book that speaks to our times — and our creative inspirations. Waters is best known as a filmmaker, writer, actor, and visual artist. But he is best known for his famous, and infamous, films. His most infamous include Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom, and Hairspray. Hairspray was adapted into a long-running and very popular Broadway musical. He is the author of seven books too, among them the New York Times bestsellers Role Models and Carsick. He performs his one-man, spoken-word shows regularly throughout the world.

Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters new book "Make Trouble."
Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters new book “Make Trouble.”

He will be in the New Jersey area in Clinton on Tuesday, April 18 at 7pm at the Clinton Bookshop, 12 Main Street. Waters will be in conversation with the Mayor Janice Kovach.

Dubbed the “Prince of Puke” by the mainstream press, Waters has made a remarkable career of pushing boundaries and celebrating what others deemed tasteless. In the new book Make Trouble, he uses his sly wisdom and wealth of experience to encourage the younger generation to embrace chaos, be nosy, and challenge the status quo, while simultaneously urging anyone embarking on a creative path to be both pragmatic and disciplined.

In the book he includes eccentric illustrations by Eric Hanson. The book reminds us that a “no” is free. Ask for the world and pay no mind if you are initially turned down he says. He stresses that you must participate in the creative world you want to become a part of it. He feels that it is very important that young people read, read, …. and read more!

He says you should not hate all rich people. ” They’re not all awful. “Believe me,” he said, “I know some evil poor people, too.”

Waters believes that contemporary art’s job is to wreck what came before and we should all use technology for transgression, not lazy social living. By following these guidelines and others that he shares in the new graphic novel in a provocative way, Waters states is the way he became the successful filmmaker, writer, actor, and visual artist he is today.

For more information, and to view the book trailer, visit The publication date is scheduled for April 11, 2017, but do not miss the Clinton event at the Clinton Bookshop, 12 Main St., Clinton, NJ where the pop icon himself will meet and greet his readers in person.

There will be another New Jersey sighting of John Waters. The on Stage presentation in Edison on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 8-11 pm is called This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible! This very special one-evening appearance/on-stage event will be held in the film festival room at the NJ Horror Con Film Festival You must purchase VIP Tickets and be 18 years+ to attend.

For more information on the Horror Con Festival and VIP tickets to see John Waters visit The Eventbrite ticket site.