John Water’s new book “Make Trouble”

Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters
Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters

John Waters, filmmaker, comedian, director, author, and hailed by critics as the Prince of Puke, which he wears proudly, was recently at the Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, NJ, to talk about his new book, Make Trouble, The book is about writing, politics, and how to make people nervous.

Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters new book "Make Trouble."
Author, film maker and pop icon John Waters new book “Make Trouble.”

With close to 200 people in attendance, the John Waters Make Trouble book event felt like we were sitting in his living room. When one young filmmaker in the audience asked how they can be successful without funding, Waters encouraged them to immerse themselves in their passions, get involved with every detail of their destination, and charged the crowd with this advice, “stop worrying about impressing your parents, take a look at the people who are two years older than you and make them nervous with what you’re working on.”

From icon of pop culture in Make Trouble, John Waters inspires artists, graduates, and anyone creative to have success on their own terms. When his speech to graduates of the Rhode Island School of design went viral, Make Trouble was born. John reminds us to not be afraid to make noise, embrace chaos, and outrage your critics; after all, he is the master of storytelling with a twist, or twisted storytelling. Pick up Make Trouble and decide for yourself.

Sincere thanks to Rob Dougherty and Harvey Finkel of Clinton Book Shop for hosting this spectacular event. Support your local bookstore and purchase Make Trouble.

Johnny Walsh
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