Jersey Housewife Nicole Napolitano “Loves a Challenge”


Along with her equally fabulous twin sister Teresa Aprea, Nicole Napolitano has jumped right into the drama on the new season of “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.” 

This fashion forward Jersey girl may spend her downtime with her two sons and boyfriend Bobby, but the fans are loving her relationship with her sister, and her run-ins with former friend (and fellow housewife) Amber Marchese.

Nicole spoke with me to chat about what it’s like to join a hit show, what a true Jersey summer means to her, and how low Jim Marchese really will go on this season of “Housewives”. 

This is your first season on a hit show like “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”. Were there any reservations about joining such a smash show that is already so well established?

Well, I’m definitely not the same person, but I love crazy things; I definitely put the “fun” into anything crazy. Doing something like this with my sister [Teresa)] was really what was enticing for both of us, to be involved with such an amazing network like Bravo, it was amazing. We have our own things, but to do something business- wise together, it was very enticing. When Bravo approaches you, how could you say no?

While your children may not be on the show, your adorable parents Santa and Sal are. They have become fan favorites already; will we be seeing more of them

Thank you so much! I really hope you get to see more of them on the show, because they are incredible. I think doing anything like this with family definitely makes it more comfortable. It really feels normal. 

Was it hard suddenly having cameras follow you around in your every day life? 

You know, I really shocked myself. I really wondered what it was going to be like having cameras follow me, but after a few days you really don’t even notice them there. I think it really depends on the person also, you are who you are. 

You and your boyfriend BobbyCiasulli are somewhat of a new couple and now on a hit television show. Was it hard navigating a relationship that is now up for subject to public opinion? 

Most definitely! I didn’t realize how hard it would be until I actually watched it myself. Hearing everyone’s comments on it, I must say Bobby is a little uncomfortable with it, and it’s hard to watch sometimes. There are parts where I am seeing it for the first time, and I it’s something to get used to.

You already had a huge fall out with Amber this season, who was a long-time friend. Do you think you would have rather seen it go down differently? 

Honestly, no. I don’t like the violence aspect of it, but it was a little hair pulling and it could have been worse. Sometimes things happen, things escalate, especially when there is alcohol involved sometimes. I’m honestly a little angry right now and I don’t want to come from an angry place.

There has been so much on Twitter this week, and when my children come to me about Jim Marchese saying mean things about me, it’s hard. I had really forgiven her for what she said, and it felt really good. It also felt good looking at the episode where I did that as well. That whole thing was supposed to end; so I don’t know why her husband is rehashing it and bringing it to social media. So I’m definitely angry about it. Do I wish we could have spoken from the beginning-yes. We started this experience as friends, and I didn’t expect to be “Ambushed” (no pun intended) by her at all, let alone so early in the season.

We went into this experience as friends, we were the “newbies”, her husband and Bobby were friends, we had socialized. It wasn’t Teresa’s relationship it was my relationship with Amber, and it was a nice friendship. Seeing a friend turn on me was hurtful. How I handled it?-things happen for a reason and she deserved that yank of the hair.

Summer in New Jersey is winding down, and everyone has their own idea of what summer means to them. What does summer in Jersey mean to you? 

Oh summer to me in Jersey is the beach club, pool parties, barbecues, enjoying the gorgeous resta
urants on the beach and having fun with family and friends, definitely being outdoors! We love Cubcacan in Asbury Park, listening to the guys on the boardwalk playing music, we love it down there.

There have been rumblings about former cast mates coming back, which is common place with reality show. Would you have any apprehension if any of the other girls ever came back? 

I always love a challenge, I always say bring it on! Teresa and I definitely don’t like to be bored, so the more personalities that you throw at me, I like that. I don’t like being with the same people all the time and I like to mix it up a bit. I like to see how people react towards me too. It’s not really how I’m going to react towards people, it’s how are they going to react towards me!  

Where do you want to take your “Housewives” journey from here? 

I think I’m really just taking it episode by episode and really just seeing where the season goes, and then we will have the reunion. Both my sister and I are using it as a platform, we’ve been approached about a couple things, like possibly a clothing line. We’re just enjoying the ride and seeing where it takes us.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” airs Sundaynights at 8/7c on Bravo. Check local listings.