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We Welcome Kelli Dunham to Out In Jersey

I fancy myself a bit of an expert in the “let’s wrestle some fun out of this dysfunction” arena when dealing with my family. So despite the warnings of my friends, therapist(s), exes and perhaps even my pets, I will indeed spend winter holidays with my huge—and, yes, hugely alcoholic— family of origin.

Much is made of the disadvantages of growing up in a family chock full o drunks, but little has been written about the obvious benefits. For example, I have many blissful memories of strolling to the drainage ditch surrounding the Florida trailer park where my grandma lived, turkey carcass in hand. Once there all us kids would fight over who got to throw the carcass to the waiting alligators. Without the benefit of a houseful of inebriated—and therefore inattentive—adults, those treasured, Kodak moments could have never happened.