Jennifer Williams is a candidate for Republican State Committee

Jennifer Williams
Trenton resident Jennifer Williams

Williams may be elected as the first trans GOP New Jersey Republican State Committeewomen

Trenton resident Jennifer Williams has announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Committeewoman for Mercer County. If Ms. Williams is elected, she will represent the interests of the Mercer County Republican Committee and Mercer’s registered Republicans on the New Jersey Republican State Committee.

Williams is a life-long Mercer County resident and Chair of the Trenton Republican Committee. She ran in 2019 unsuccessfully for the New Jersey General Assembly in Legislative District 15 as a transgender candidate on the Republican ticket.

In 2019 when asked why she was running as a candidate for State Assembly in District 15 Williams said, “There simply needs to be more diverse political competition. In many instances I have been the only Transgender or LGBTQ person in the room, and even the first Transgender or LGBTQ person that some of my peers have ever met.”

Mercer County and District 15 has been a bastion of Democratic party control for more than 20 years. The GOP has had an uphill battle in the district for a long time and Williams hopes to change that.

Williams was Chair of Mercer County Women for Bob Hugin during his 2018 U.S. Senate run. She currently serves on the Board of Governors for New Jersey Federation of Republican Women, as an Ambassador for Women for a Stronger New Jersey, as an Advisor to the American Unity Fund, and is a long-time member and Chair of the Trenton Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Ms. Williams received nearly 10,000 votes in her 2019 Assembly campaign and said in a press release she is looking forward to using what she learned as a Republican candidate and Municipal Chair to help the Republican Party.

“Having been a candidate for the Legislature myself and then helping other candidates, I met many Republican voters who want our party to do better here in Mercer County and state-wide.,” said Williams. “I want to be a voice for their concerns and that of our party leaders here in Mercer as we build and unify into a strong force for Republican ideals as we move into this new decade. Like Ronald Reagan did, I believe that our best days lie ahead.”

Ms. Williams will seek the endorsement of the Mercer County Republican Committee and the Republican line at its upcoming Convention before the primary voting in June.