Info for young LGBT writers into being published


Harmonious HeartsHarmony Ink Press is calling on talented young writers 14-21 years old to submit their short story to be considered in their next anthology volume. Those authors selected will be paid $25-55 for submissions.

Coming out is never easy, especially when you’re a teenager. According to Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids (SPEAK), 30% of LGBTQ youth attempt suicide around the age of 15. But a support system of any kind can help to ease the journey to self identity.

Helping to support this young LGBT community is Harmony Ink Press, a division of LGBT romance publisher Dreamspinner Press. In addition to their current titles of YA novels aimed at an audience of
teens, Harmony Ink Press encourages peers to weave their identities into the stories they tell. 

Harmony Ink Press’ attempts to help LGBT teens find an outlet for their feelings, their crises, and their ideas.

Submissions made by those under the age of 17 must be signed off by a parent or guardian. Stories must feature a main character(s) who is either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, or anywhere else on the LGBT spectrum, including those in the process of working out their sexual or gender identity,

Story length is 2,000-10,000 words and should feature LGBT characters who grow or change for the better, Winners will be featured in the upcoming anthology. 

For more details on guidelines visit