“Infinity Son” and “Infinity Reaper” are excellent fantasy reading

The books authored by Adam Silvera
"Infinity Son" is just one of the books authored by Adam Silvera

Infinity Son and others authored by Adam Silvera are great reads for the  LGBTQ community

Author Adam Silvera with a book on his head
Adam Silvera’s “Infinity Cycle” series may well be the books that many of us were hungry for.

Adam Silvera’s Infinity Cycle series may well be the books that many of us were hungry for in the time when we knew we were different but did not know what our particular kind of difference meant. In Infinity Son, Adam Silvera introduces us to the Celestials of New York, spell walkers, and blood casters as well as people who have no powers beyond the everyday emotional or intelligence quotient that most of us know.

Geared toward young adults, this is an excellent fantasy for those of us whose world view has changed so much since March 13, 2020, where we became aware of many kinds of injustice, social and otherwise. The way forward from injustice is messy and the Infinity Cycle reminds us that many kinds of change are bought with blood and sacrifice.

Brighton and Emil are fraternal twins whose loving parents are raising them in New York City. Their father has passed away recently (not a spoiler) and the boys are devoted to one another. Emil is the soft-spoken diplomat while Brighton is a social media guru-wannabe who has a knack for documenting and framing the Celestials. Celestials are people born with special abilities that gain strength under starlight and you will need to read this series yourself to find yourself drawn into this world like a compass to magnetic North.

Infinity Reaper came out on the heels of Infinity Son and is perfect for those who like to stream their entertainment. Speculative fiction has long been a refuge for LGBTQ people as we seek role models.

The seamless intersection of one book with another will have more experienced readers seeing aspects of graphic novels, superheroes, The Hobbit and more woven into the warp and weft of this tapestry. You will hear the cadences of the youth you know in the words of the books’ population and a bit of political conjuring exists as well.

What will happen? Will Brighton and Emil prevail? What is the meaning of transformation to the characters you will meet? Perhaps you, too, will soon be as breathless waiting for Silvera’s next installment. These books are great reading for that beach trip you are already planning for when you’re all vaxxed up and ready to mingle at Belmar or on Fire Island. Available as e-books and old-fashioned print, get them now to be in the know.

Infinity Son, Hardcover 18.99, Quill Tree Books. 368 pages, ISBN 978-0062457820. And Infinity Reaper is ISBN 978-0062882318