In “Nana’s Boys” a couple’s one day together brings important realizations

"Nana's Boys" DVD cover
"Nana's Boys" DVD cover
Jared Wayne Gladly resting his head on David J. Cork chest in while in bed
“Nana’s Boys” Jared Wayne Gladly (L) and David J. Cork (R) Photo from

Relationships can be tricky regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of the people coming together. Sometimes humans can feel led to tie their worth to someone who can limit their individual self’s full potential to living their best life.

Nana’s Boys is a film that follows one couple during a 24-hour lockdown. It has them discover the power of knowing their own worth while also realizing the beauty a relationship can bring when it is right and issues are sorted out.

The story follows Amari and Q, who, on the surface, seem to be living a happy life together. Once a city-wide emergency has them locked in their apartment together for one whole day, truths come out, and drama unfolds. Ultimately it has them both realize that their relationship is not as picture-perfect as they once thought.

The film has a very subtle feel. Most of it takes place in just one place, their apartment. Having most of a movie taking place in one small location could have made for an awfully boring production, but strong performances, nuanced drama, and good direction keep the film from coming off as boring. 

The themes of truly embracing what you want from a relationship, and figuring out that sometimes one specific connection you may have with someone won’t be enough to bolster down what may be, will be impactful and inspiring to viewers. The truths start coming out during the lockdown. They are never too intense or over the top. Viewers will empathize with how the characters are realizing they may not have been living their best lives throughout the relationship. That was a moving and actually beautiful aspect of the film.

While Nana’s Boys is not groundbreaking, it is definitely worth watching. For a low-budget indie film, the cast and crew do a great job at creating an authentic drama with a great lesson. It is an entertaining story in a small New York City apartment that provides some very nice romantic moments as well.

4/5 stars