In My Chair by Christine Havrilla



Recently, my friend Doreen Talley passed along a CD of songs by her favorite artist Christine Havrilla. Rarely do I enjoy music that people tell me I need to listen to. It’s just one of those things. You know, like having summer reading in high school; it could be the best book ever but if you’re told to read it, you’ll hate it. So I listened to the Christine Havrilla disc and became an instant fan before the first song was even finished! I couldn’t believe it!

The songs I heard were well written and wonderfully produced. Havrilla’s guitar and vocals are some of the best in the pop/rock genre. I had to hear more! I got my own copy of Havrilla’s latest album, In My Chair. If you’re looking for sixteen honest and insightful songs to sink you teeth into, In My Chair is for you. Go to to sample the songs for yourself and find downloading links.