“How to Study Magic” is the perfect prep book for exploration

Book cover of
Book cover of "How to Study Magic"

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Back cover of "How to Study Magic."
Back cover of “How to Study Magic.”

So, you’ve walked past the local purveyor of occult artifacts time and again, but don’t feel comfortable actually walking in the store? Or, your exposure to the various mystical arts across all media platforms has finally reached a critical mass in your brain, and you, quivering with excitement, are itching to attempt some magical endeavor? Where to begin?

In our modern age, as in so many areas, there is a glut of information, some good, some appalling, and as a newbie to all this, it’s sometimes helpful to have someone else provide a roadmap or travel guide to lay out your potential journey. I’d like to think that Out of the Broomcloset has been one of those resources.

As you may also be aware, there’s quite a lot of witchcraft/magic 101 books out there, all of which generally flog the same tired tropes, peddle the same, tired, pseudo-history. Think of the Disney animation of Sleeping Beauty, with the masses of thorn bushes sprouting up around the castle where she slumbers; impenetrable, except for the valiant.

I am happy to recommend a new book to you, which will be the perfect weapon for you to hack through the undergrowth often surrounding the paths you may wish to explore.

Sarah Lyons
Sarah Lyons has provided more useful “stuff” than a shelf full of books by other authors.

Sarah Lyons has provided, in How to Study Magic, (Running Press, ISBN-13 9780762479207, 2022) more useful “stuff” than a shelf full of books by other authors, who will remain unnamed. Within its eight chapters, you will get an essential grounding in the methods, reasons, and history (pointing out the actual history, and exploding the made up) of what underlies whatever sort of magic that might interest you to pursue further.

Just as notable is the author’s voice, which comes through on the page loud and clear: conversational, non-confrontational, and very supportive. It is the perfect preparation for whatever explorations you may currently be undertaking, or planning to in the New Year. Think of this book as a trusted friend.

How to Study Magic, (Running Press, ISBN-13 9780762479207, 2022) is in print, and can be ordered through all the usual websites, or through your local booksellers (support small business!)