How to choose the right earrings for you

Woman wearing dangling earrings
Choosing earrings that suit and complement your face shape will help you highlight and flatter your features.

Earrings are a perfect way to add life to your wardrobe and make you look classy and beautiful in no time. If chosen wisely, these accessories can boost your best features and add color and personality to your outfit.

However, due to the many options available, finding the right piece that matches your outfit and complements your face can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few tips for choosing the right earrings that will accentuate the beauty of your hair, face, and personality.

1.    Match your face shape

Choosing earrings that suit and complement your face shape will help you highlight and flatter your features. Here are some face shapes and earrings that are ideal for each:

●      Oval face

Women with oval faces are regarded as the luckiest since they can pull off nearly every earring style. This face is versatile and very flexible to most looks. Long dangling and diamond stud earrings are ideal for oval shapes and perfect to display your beautiful cheekbones.

●       Heart face

A heart-shaped face features a pointed chin, and the face gradually becomes wider towards the forehead. The perfect earrings for a heart-shaped face include long chandelier-looking earrings. They offset your features and attract attention to your jawline, eyes, and cheekbones.

Never wear slim earrings since they will just highlight the heart shape. Instead, look for curved or wider earrings at the bottom to set off the narrow chin.

●      Narrow or long face

A narrow or long face features forehead, jawline, and cheekbones of the same width. The right earrings will make your face appear fuller by highlighting the width to best compliment your features. The best earrings for a narrow face are studs, pearls, medium-sized loops, and short dangling earrings.

●      Square face

Women with square faces have a pretty wide jawline that matches the forehead width. You should aim at balancing the sharp edges if you have this kind of shape. Loop and circular earrings are perfect for complementing a square face.

2.    Show up your personality

Earrings should convey something your personality. A short black dress will pop when put on with silver or white jewelry, or you can wear pearl stud earrings to make a graphic statement. If your outfit is burgundy, navy, or emerald green, try wearing all silver to create a fantastic look. Pieces such as long dangly, or silver stud earrings with glimmering white gemstones will also look incredible.

If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment with new trends, try mixing metals. This may seem like an outdated fashion, but it’s something more and more people are trying every day. Don’t hesitate to mix different shades of gold and silver in a single look.

3.    Consider your hair color and length

While there are no set rules for choosing earrings depending on hair color, gold earrings might be more complimentary on you than platinum if you have blonde or more golden hair. Conversely, dark-haired ladies tend to find silver and platinum to be more flattering. Red-haired women should go for rose gold pieces for a dazzling look. 

If you have a short hairstyle or like to wear your long hair up, consider choosing long earrings. Dangly or intricate styles such as chandelier earrings look beautiful worn with a short, pixie hairstyle, a flattened back pony, or a messy updo.

4.    Set off your complexion, make-up, and eye color

Like with your hair, you want to wear earrings that match your overall complexion, make-up, and eye color. Generally, if your skin has warm undertones, you will look pretty with gold metal and earrings with warm colors. On the other hand, if your skin has cooler undertones, you will look best with silver jewelry or jewelry with cool colors.

If you want to set off the natural color of your eyes, you can choose the right earrings with the same colors. That will be sure to make your eyes glow. With make-up, experts recommend following the same rules as with your clothes. Just be sure to experiment to see what works best for you.

5.    Consider your lifestyle

It’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing the right earrings. Some earrings are more suitable for certain lifestyles than others. For instance, if you are very sporty, it’s perhaps more practical to choose a pair of simple studs than some dramatic chandelier earrings. Wearing hoops or dangling earrings at a commercial office might be inappropriate, so it would be best to go for simple earrings that stand out without attracting too much attention.


Earrings will always be a popular accessory choice, but without taking your unique features into account, you may not choose the most flattering pair. Fortunately, these tips can help you choose the perfect pair, whether you intend to bring life to your wardrobe or enhance your best features.