How I got my hair (and youth) back

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Nutrafol®: 18 Months: June 17, 2021

After trying topical solutions with minimal to no success this was my last attempt

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In October 2019, I was at the lowest point of my life. I had recently left a multifaceted abusive relationship where I sacrificed lucrative career opportunities. I had cut myself off from friends and family to devout my spare time to saving my ex, which I discovered had a severe cocaine addiction.

I was 29 years old, my ex was 46 years old, yet I was blinded by manipulation disguised as love. Even his own mother, who admitted to me she was aware of his drug problem since he was 30, guilted and begged me to stay. She felt unable to ever get through to him. After over a year of manipulation and intimidation, coupled with stolen money which will never be returned to me, I ultimately gathered the courage to leave just days before Labor Day.

The result was relentless harassing text messages. I had unreturned goods at his apartment. He would slander my name to anyone who would listen. Eventually, on October 13th, 2019, there were seven pages of texted assault and death threats from my ex’s drug dealer, whose sole existence was the catalyst for me to pull myself away from him and cut ties with any mutual friends.

Never in my life did I think I would be romantically involved nor associated with anyone like this. Every day when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I did not recognize myself. Inside and out, I had become a shell of the person I once was. Throughout 2018–19 my luscious black hair, which I was always praised for, began falling out in large clumps. My skin became beyond dull as I was experiencing eczema. I was developing what is commonly referred to as “stress belly.” By December of 2019, I was both afraid and embarrassed to even leave my house. It was as though you could read what I had experienced on my body, so that is how I felt.

Finally, without expecting much, I decided to try Nutrafol®. I took their “Hair Wellness Quiz” and begrudgingly answered every question honestly. After trying topical solutions with minimal to no success (Pura D’or, Nioxin, DS Laboratories), this was my last attempt before seeking consultations for a hair transplant.

I started Nutrafol® on December 18th, 2019. I took various pictures of my hair and continued doing so monthly because I wanted to see if this product was worth all the hype. By October 2nd, 2020, just ten months on the growth plan, my hair was thicker, and the bald patches had almost entirely been reversed. By June 17th, 2021, after 18 months on the plan, I was able to highlight my hair again without an issue (note: I did not bleach it). I have not highlighted my hair since 2011 – a full ten years prior – and it felt amazing for those bald patches to be gone and for me to finally be able to do this again. I felt as though I was rewriting the trauma I had experienced, which ignited my hair loss in the first place.

It is now two years later and I continue to use my Nutrafol® growth plan religiously. I recently added the Growth Activator to my regimen, a patent-pending serum that took five years to produce. Besides the surreal hair regrowth, I noticed my skin became more youthful, my sex drive increased and the “stress belly” vanished.

Nutrafol® is known for not having any negative side effects. However, there are positive side effects, and these include improved skin, weight loss, and an improved sex drive, particularly because a profusion of the included ingredients aid in libido enhancement just as much as hair regrowth. This is integral to mention because Finasteride and Propecia, two hair loss prescriptions dermatologists attempted to push on me, which I fortunately declined, are notorious for their impotence side effects which can be life-long. I commend Giorgos Tsetis, Roland Peralta, and Dr. Sophia Kogan for creating such an innovative product. Nutrafol® has given me back my confidence professionally and personally. Moreover, I have thus far managed to avoid a hair transplant, going bald, and needing a wig.

Giorgos Tsetis with shoulder length blonde hair and smiling.
Giorgos Tsetis

When speaking with CEO and Co-Founder Giorgos Tsetis on what differentiates Nutrafol® from the sea of competitors, he noted, “It is really the science and the multifactorial approach which targets nutrient deficiencies, cortisol, inflammation, oxidative stress caused by the inflammation, and of course hormones. Our entire philosophy is based around hair and health growing together. Thus, you need to bring your body back to a state of balance in order to affect beauty, in this case, hair.” You can hear our entire conversation here:

Nutrafol® is peer-reviewed, clinically tested, and physician-formulated with medical-grade ingredients standardized and bio-optimized for efficacy. The company was founded in 2013 and Nutrafol® is now the fastest-growing nutraceutical supplement for healthy hair growth. The entire brand is free of GMOs, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors, and artificial colors.

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