Gemini: Beware of the “friend” zone

Gemini sign

Gemini (May 21-June 21): With Neptune square your Moon these next two months, with Mars and Mercury positively situated, it appears that you will spend quite a bit of time sorting out what you would like to happen in your personal life. The problem is, that while your agenda is sound, this has little impact on those around you. Beware of the “friend” zone.


Cancer signCancer (June 22-July 22): June should find you more communicative than is generally the case; your Moon is well situated to Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter. This could be refreshing, as prying a direct answer out of you is generally maddening. Now we know what’s on your mind. The new Moon July 12th should open up new opportunities for you.


Leo signLeo (July 23-Aug 22): Something of your usual pep may seem lacking this season, Mars being in opposition to your Moon. There being so much good will towards you, don’t hesitate to call on others to assist you with your burdens. There’s a tendency as well for you to deplete your finances, which only you can attend to, however.


Virgo signVirgo (Aug 23-Sept 22): Your need for order, and things to follow the directions that you have laid out, are perfectly supported. Your Moon being trine Uranus and Saturn retrograde provides a framework that only supports your unarguable logic. Just don’t be all Aunt Lydia about it.


Libra signLibra (Sept 23-Oct 22): The Summer Solstice finds you alongside the road, sighing a bit, melancholic. It’s an attractive, somewhat endearing pose. Remember, even Jane Austen’s heroines had a spine, so it’s a good thing that you will snap out of it mid-July, and feel connected to daily life again.


Scorpio signScorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): If it’s a battle between you and a Virgo this season, the Virgo wins easily. Much as the planets suggest that you should withdraw and sulk, try to put a good face on it. As is the case with Leos, Mars has you feeling under the weather; but if you act graciously, your fans will come around to your way of thinking the latter part of July.


Sagittarius signSagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): With your ruling planet, Jupiter, retrograde all of June and most of July, it seems that expenses will increase while income will not. Try to not deplete the rainy day fund with extravagances, as it’s the sort of summer where the plumbing will go, or a tooth crack. While not being stingy with others, hold back a bit for you.


Capricorn signCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19): While not quite a workaholic (trust me, there’s time enough for play), your ruling planet, Saturn being well aspected, structures your summer; Jupiter is as well for you. Both are retrograde, i.e. apparently moving in reverse. In your case, it’s all to the good, making it easy to re-visit and pursue long-term career goals. Dust off those plans to be an independent business owner.


aquarius signAquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Much like Capricorns, you will have more of an eye to career than to playtime this time around, with this difference: Mars provides you with more stamina than usual, while Mercury favors your summer with added persuasiveness. With this certain clarity and drive being yours, you might want to consider throwing your hat into the political ring, or community organizing.


Pisces signPisces (Feb 19-Mar 20): Sometime, we keep secrets from others, and sometimes from ourselves. While outwardly your usual self, something you can’t articulate is going on below the surface. There is, in fact, and “it”, but you can’t put your finger on it. June might seem a senseless muddle, but you should be able to express “it” around July 4th, when greater clarity comes your way.


aries signAries (Mar21-Apr20): There’s a tendency for you to think before you speak this season. Saturn being retrograde, and unfavorably aspected to your sign, can make you feel penned in, while Mars, your ruling planet, has you more revved up than usual. Try to not injure yourself, physically or emotionally, by throwing yourself headlong at every task, or confronting the problematical. It’s better to burn off the excess energy at the gym.


Taurus signTaurus (Apr 21-May20): Brilliant notions in regards to improving your standing among your social set spring to mind this June, leading you to be the volunteer organizer various events, outings, and the like. Unfortunately, friends will bail at the last minute, leaving you to cover what they owe for reservations and tickets they didn’t shell out for. Get the money is the first rule of business.