Homophobia in Jamaica

East Kingston Residents Proclaim Gay Eradication Day
By Sam Martino
November 2, 2009 – The Jamaica Star is reporting that residents of the McGregor Gully community in East Kingston have proclaimed today “Gay Eradication Day”. Residents say that the two-week notice given to gays and lesbians is now expired and they will be taking action against them.  Residents of McGregor Gully stated they are fed up with gays and have ordered gays to leave by today. Those who do not leave will “suffer the consequences.” Residents who willing admit their part in the gay rousting say they are doing it to protect their families and to keep their communities from falling into disrepute. According to some residents, the main problems are a local lesbian hangout where lesbians kiss, hug and even touch each other. The residents say they will not stop until their community is “gay free” and will resort to extreme measures, though they do not say what those measures will be.