“Hollywood Lesbians” is a delightful companion volume to “Hollywood Gays”

"Hollywood Lesbians" book cover

Author Boze Hadleigh is a renowned pot-stirrer who loves the salacious, and he’s not above pushing a few buttons to get what he’s after. Provocative and louche, he strikes after lulling his interviewee into a comfortable place when…. ZAP! He asks The Question.

Revisiting his earlier work, he has created a delightful companion volume to his Hollywood Gays and while the tagline is “From Garbo to Foster,” it is both more and less linear than that might sound. Looking back, it is easy to see how Ann B. Davis’s Alice in The Brady Bunch and Nancy Kulp’s Miss Jane in The Beverly Hillbillies were shots across the bow to the Hollywood old guard. These women relegated roles like old maid and spinster, and became role models for generations of Baby Boomers and Gen X & Y people.

This is ideal beach, vacation, and travel reading as it’s easy to pick up where you leave off. It also gives you quite a bit to mull over and sink into. Like accidentally cutting oneself with something very sharp, at first there is no indication, then the realization of what someone is actually saying can be revelatory.

Buy the book and leave it where your friends can see it. The volume attracts the hand, while the content attracts the mind. You may hate yourself for enjoying it as much as you do. That’s what makes summer reading fun!

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