“Holigay” gift guide

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10 Holiday gift ideas

The holidays are coming very quickly and to give you the helpful hand you need to spread your cheer, here are some of our top choices!

Young lady wearing KaiOnyx Holiday ShirtKaiOnyx 

Artist, designer and creative Kevin Halfhill hosts some stunning and incredible clothing and accessory designs at KaiOnyx.com. With witty, sexy and artsy designs, (many of them a little tongue-in-cheek, the only place for a tongue!) Halfhill doesn’t stop at selling apparel perfect for the Gayborhood. Halfhill wants his products to give back to the community, and up to 60% of all profits go to charities that support the LGBTQ community. I hope I can have some of Halfhill under my tree this year! Oh, and before I forget, you can find his stunning artwork for sale at KevinHalfhill.com.

Hilliards Gift ideasHilliards Chocolates 

A wise woman named Shirley Nash once said, “We’ll probably sit around, eat bread and desserts and get all fat and sassy!” Look her up on YouTube. Hilliards Chocolates was founded in 1924 and have been helping people get fat and sassy for years. They’re GM is also a woman, so I love when I hear about women running companies. Get their chocolate, I recommend the Cashew Coconut Brittle. hilliardscandy.com.

ReLeaf gift ideasInfused ReLeaf 

How are your joints rolling these days? Any pain? If only there was something that existed to help them relax. Well, we found it for you. By using a chemical-free process of “cold” extracting CBD, ReLeaf infuses their CBD oils with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Peppermint. ReLeaf is sure to relax your loved ones who might suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain. Pick up yours today, visit  infusedreleaf.com for more info.

Exit 11 Shop for the Holiday SeasonExit 11 Gifts 

Asbury, NJ owners Alyson and Will of Exit 11 Gifts offer you a walk back in time offering a selection of unique gifts at affordable prices, and Alyson offers a whimsical environment to shop in. It’s also attached to a tattoo shop, go ahead, and get a feather tattoo with birds flying out of it, or maybe an infinity symbol. Follow Exit 11 Gifts on Instagram @exitelevengifts.

FinalStraw & 4Ocean 

Final Straw promotion

There’s nothing better than sucking on something while you’re out drinking. Wouldn’t it be great if it also saved the oceans? FinalStraw is the world’s original collapsible straw, helping us reduce our need for plastics. Every day, Americans use enough straws to wrap around the Earth nearly three times. That’s right; those iced lattes are destroying the earth. CEO and founder, Emma Rose Cohen, developed the idea while in college, and went on to get her Master’s degree in environmental management and sustainability at Harvard. She’s outstanding. In the same effort to change the world, an equally incredible company called 4ocean removes one pound of garbage from the ocean for every product purchased. They have some awesome bracelets that I’d yield on my ocean loving wrists. Think of it this way, no oceans, no tanning at Asbury Park or Gunnison Beach. Check these guys out at finalstraw.com and 4ocean.com

Mercantile Home for the Holiday SeasonMercantile Home 

I’m not a big receiver; I’m more of a giver. Of gifts, I mean. But when I buy gifts, I’m not settling for something without meaning. It needs a story behind it. You won’t get a candle from me without it having been handmade by a man who infuses it with essential oils made in his kitchen after muddling down fresh peppermint grown in the back yard of his tiny house. That’s a little too much, but not too far off from what husbands Ron Morris and Ken Jones Jr. do at their Easton, Penn. shop Mercantile Home. Oh, and by the way, those two wonderful men running the shop do tons for the community, so it feels good to support their beautiful business. You might find gummy bear earrings, you might find a ceramic squirrel painted yellow, but whatever you find, it’s going to be one of a kind. Visit mercantile-home.myshopify.com.


The gifts here are cute, ranging from adorable t-shirts and the cutest sex toys you ever did see. That said, what really drew me to RainbowDepot was their designated Identities Section. No matter what you identify as, from AGender to Demisexual, you’ll find products that represents everyone, literally everyone, in your life. Visit rainbowdepot.com to start shopping.

Sleep No More

Think of something thoughtful that you and someone you love can do together. Recently, we checked out Sleep No More, an immersive, interactive play in the city. With five floors, the entire building is yours to explore hidden by a mere mask.

Sleep No More promotion

You’ll be split up from your group, which makes it even more unique, as you anonymously exist in a storyline based on Macbeth. Buy tickets at mckittrickhotel.com. Hurry though, Sleep No More is rumored to stop running in May 2020.

Gift Cards and Subscriptions 

Gift cards go a long way, just do that and write a nice card. Speaking of cards, don’t buy generic cards, support a small business that might have ones no one will want to throw away. Most importantly, write something thoughtful, none of this stupid “Happy Holidays” shit. Donald Trump says stupid shit every day, so say meaningful things to the people that really matter. Also, consider subscribing them to something that will make their life more fun. I subscribe to music and media services and it adds up. Give them the relief of not having to pay to relax after a long day. If you want to get really crazy, those wine clubs are a wine drinker’s dream. I’ll send you my address.

Becoming Sound owner Steven Russell on floorRelaxation 

Nothing beats the chance to unwind after we survive each day. One of our own advertisers, Steven Russell of Becoming Sound can help. Becoming Sound blends yoga practices, massage therapy, and music to create a relaxing space to help promote mindfulness, peace, and relaxation. Check it out; we all could be a little less hyped, especially amid the craziness of the holidays.

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