Holiday Gifts They Won’t Get From Anyone But You !



Every year, we go through the agony of trying to find the right gifts for the right people—one’s that won’t confront us with the ghost of Christmas past when the credit cards bills arrive. At Out In Jersey, we get deluged with press releases for every kind of product from automated dildos to xylophones for the hearing impaired. Most of the stuff is not within our areas of interest. However, out of this mountain of gravel, some diamonds do emerge. Below is a short list we’re calling “The Editor’s Choice,” the most interesting or fun gift possibilities from this year’s pile of submissions, all under $100 and each certain to cause exclamations at present unwrapping time—ones of joy or ones of horror, but at least these gifts will be remembered.

First is the all-important issue of holiday greeting cards—the only time many of us actually put a stamp on a real, paper envelop and put a personal message in the mail the old fashioned way. Since the process is now so rare, let’s do it right.