Highlighting Some of Jersey’s Best


Sure, there are housewives and young intoxicated hotties making fools of themselves throughout the state, but something that the media has yet to shine light on – something that sticks out in the Garden State – is our photographers. Richard J. McCormack, Brian Gorman, Stephen Wilcox and Michael Craft are all Jersey natives who have helped to not only shape the world of photography, but the media and LGBT advocacy as well.

Richard J. McCormack began to document life at a young age, and went on to make a name for himself by photographing everyone from the likes of Madonna to 2010’s opening act for Jersey Pride, amberRose Marie. Richard thrives on focusing his time on individuals who he feels are destined for great success due to their unique artistic persona. According to Marie’s manager, Catherine Laporte of Catz Entertainment, “Richard is an amazing photographer and has built a name for himself by photographing artists at the beginning stages of their career. He has worked with some huge names so for him to be highlighting amber, is an honor.”

Unlike McCormack, Brian Gorman discovered his love for photography later on in life. Nevertheless, his work has helped to showcase the more emotional and vulnerable aspects of the LGBT community. Gorman has had a number of showcases at the LGBT Community Center, and for several years now he has been a photographer for the Heritage Pride March and Rally. Furthermore, beyond several one man shows in New York, he orchestrated the “Second Great Gay Photography Exhibition” at the Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation in 2010. Gorman describes the reason behind his passion for photography being his love for showcasing the more susceptible aspects of society. His work has a tendency of highlighting the innermost beauty of its objects. A percentage of Gorman’s work is black and whites only.

Stephen Wilcox gave birth to Mike Herring Productions LLC in 1994, when he began his photography career in the tri-state area. Today, his company name is MHP Photos, and besides working with various New York and New Jersey based businesses and companies, Wilcox is the webmaster and photographer for Out in Jersey Magazine. He has been the director of nearly every single cover for the publication.

Michael Craft is in the process of becoming an icon in the world of photography. Beyond the various art shows and exhibits that his work has been displayed in, Craft is the co-founder of NJEQ, New Jersey’s photo campaign that screams for not only marriage equality but equality in schools and businesses. Recently, NJEQ has helped to speak out against the string of teen suicides attributed to anti-gay bullying and is currently in the process of organizing photoshoots at Rutgers University and another major shoot at Paradise in Asbury Park.

Beyond the limelight of enraged ‘Housewives,’ angry ‘Jerseylicious’ beauticians, and intoxicated Italians partying at the shore, Jersey has a lot more to offer, and one of those things is our art and our history.