Here are some ideas to help the local New Jersey LGBTQ community

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The statewide ban means that for the time being we can’t eat out and social distancing puts a strain on us all. So, you may be wondering what you might do to keep a semblance of normalcy in your daily routine. We suspect it is going to be a bit different every single day—and that the changes will last for awhile. So, here are a small sampling of ideas to keep ourselves busy, and engaged after a long day of working at home and social distancing. Better yet, it will help local business folks that depend on us for their liveliehood.

How about take out for dinner?

HotelTidesAre you missing some of the Hotel Tides signature dishes? You can pre-order food packages from Hotel Tides Restaurant in Asbury Park for pick-up any Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Friday’s package ($30 per person) includes a house salad served with braised short rib, whipped potatoes and green beans. Saturday’s package ($30 per person) includes a house salad served with Pappardelle Bolognese. And on Sunday the package ($30 per person) will include a house salad served with crab cakes, whipped potatoes and green beans.

All food orders must be pre-ordered no later than Wednesday by 3pm. Food orders are placed by emailing Please include name, meal date(s), quantity and phone number. Food items will be available for pick up from 2pm-7pm after being reserved ahead of time.

Fiddleheads logoAt Fiddleheads Restaurant in Jamesburg owners Brian and Dan say social distancing is the best defense we all have right now. They want to see us all safe later in the season. But you can help them keep the doors open until then by doing take out this week. Fiddleheads has a grab and go menu, “a tidy collection of some Fiddle favorites that can be picked up, or brought to you curbside,” says Brian.

Simply choose from the menu, call it in, and Fiddleheads will work out the pickup time. If you need curbside pickup, they will accept cash at the curb or quickly swipe your credit card and bring it back for your signature. “Cash payments and tips would help a lot. ,” said Brain.

Takeout hours are 12 to 7pm, Wednesday through Sunday and they take orders right up until 7 pm.  The menu updates daily, so check the website link or follow along on Facebook  and Instagram.

What about entertianment?

Beatles’ iconic hit song “All You Need Is Love” on SOPAC marquee
South Orange Performing Arts Center recently posted the title of the Beatles’ iconic hit song “All You Need Is Love” on its marquee.

All the local theatres are closed until further notice. What a bummer! But at the South Orange Performing Arts Center they were looking for ways to communicate with patrons in the area during its COVID-19 mandated closure. SOPAC joins many theaters across the country to lift spirits with the Beatles song “All you need is love” on the marquee.

“We all can use a positive message as we try to keep our spirits up during these difficult times. What better way to do that than to invoke one of the most enduring songs of one of the most beloved rock bands of all time?” said Executive Director Craig Sumberg. “We hope this continues to spread across the country as we are reminded of the importance of loving each other through trying circumstances, and the power of music,” said Sumberg.

For more information, visit

At New Brunswick’s State Theatre of New Jersey they are reminding all theatregoers to consider a donation to help keep the theatre solvent during a time when all performances are cancelled. The link to do so is just a simple click here.

State Theatre NJ banner adAt George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick the remaining shows are cancelled for the spring season. But the staff is excited about the 2020-21 season starting in the fall. For current ticket holders, they are guaranteeing the full value of purchased tickets. The value can be used towards a future George Street Playhouse performance or as a donation for the theatre. Making a donation to George Street Playhouse is online here.  To find out more and plan ahead go to the website.

At the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown they are rescheduling as many shows as possible and working closely with their loyal fans. In a message to theatregoers, Allison Larena, President and CEO said, “Through the power of technology, there are many ways you can stay engaged with the arts. We have developed a new Virtual Arts page where we are sharing content to help us get through these challenging times and keep the joy of experiencing the arts in our lives.” Larena asked Mayo PAC fans to visit the page to see links to web-based and social media concerts. The site includes many kinds of online material including streaming Broadway shows. Read Larena’s message to patrons here.

If you need counseling IPG can help you online

Institute for Personal Growth logoThe Institute for Personal Growth (IPG) has transitioned 100% to online therapy sessions for the time being. All therapists are now equipped to conduct sessions via Lifesize, a high-speed, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. (It’s like Skype, but better, easier, and more secure). The therapist will just email or text the user a link and you’ll be connected in seconds.

If your health insurance plan covers in-person therapy at IPG, it has to cover online therapy too. New Jersey just passed a law requiring insurance carriers to cover online healthcare services, so long as they cover the same services in-person. Call 800-379-9220 to schedule and IPG will look up your coverage for you.

Support your local LGBTQ community

Please remember to try to buy local and LGBTQ friendly too. Check out our business partners page here at Out In Jersey magazine and support our partners. They support all of us in the New Jersey LGBTQ community.