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This cute dog, Peanut, is available for rescue
This cute dog, Peanut, is available for rescue at Tuxedo Hearts

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Tuxedo Hearts Boston Terrier Rehoming and Rescue was founded by Angela Pisciotta, Deanna Dorio, and Debra Wolfe in 2021, and operates out of a Central New Jersey location. Their main mission is to find responsible and loving homes for Boston Terriers, and other brachycephalic breeds or when breeds have shorter skulls than typical dogs. Many dogs are bred this way as a favorable trait among dog owners.

However, brachycephalic or “flat-faced” breeds have many health issues with breathing, skin disease and trouble sleeping. Breeds including Bulldogs (French and English), Boxers, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, Chinese Pugs, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzus, and Bull Mastiffs are brachycephalic breeds. These are the breeds — specifically Boston Terriers — Tuxedo Hearts have fallen in love with. Yet, the rescue says they will help any person and/or dog in need.

Pisciotta, Dorio, and Wolfe met on Facebook through the “New Jersey Boston Terrier Social” group. During the pandemic the owners realized massive amounts of Boston Terriers were being overbred for sale at unprecedented rates and decided to act.

“Having all fallen in love with the Boston Terrier breed we were compelled to help any Bostons in need,” said Pisciotta in an email. “The downside to this was that breeders had more and more litters to keep up with the demand. But not all dogs from every litter get adopted and that’s how Tuxedo Hearts was born.”

Tuxedo Hearts dogs are primarily rescued from Lancaster, PA. They rescue breeder moms, retired studs, “aged out” puppies and puppies/dogs with medical issues. Their adoption fees range from $350 – $750, but Tuxedo Hearts tries to focus on the needs of their dogs and families over their adoption fees. “To date we have saved and rehomed over 70 dogs, and that number grows daily,” said Pisciotta.

To adopt, go to the rescue’s organization page by searching “Tuxedo Hearts Boston Terrier Rehoming & Rescue” on Facebook. The rescue will set up an interview to meet potential adopters and their families. This will help foresee who will be a good fit for their rescues and which rescues will be a good fit for adopters. With this, the organization offers a three-day trial period for families before an official financial and legal commitment is made to the adoption

Additionally, like most rescues, Tuxedo Hearts needs resources. The rescue also needs foster homes, volunteers, and funding.

To volunteer with the rescue please reach out on their Facebook page to fill out an application. As for fundraising, the nonprofit rescue is starting a Gofundme for one of their rescues, Gus, for behavioral training before he can be rehomed.

The rescue is hoping people will follow them on Facebook and donate to help Gus so he can find his forever home. Additionally, Tuxedo Hearts is excited to announce they will be doing a T-shirt fundraiser in the coming months.

Dogs like Peanut and Sammy are alumni of Tuxedo Hearts, with Sammy again in need of a home.

This cute dog, Sammy, is available for rescue
This cute dog, Sammy, is available for rescue at Tuxedo Hearts.

Sammy, five years old, is a former breeder mom that came into the rescue a year ago. Due to no fault of her own Sammy was returned to Tuxedo hearts for safety issues after becoming deaf. She is a beautiful red and white Boston that loves to take a nice snooze on your couch. Sammy is the sweetest lovebug, and her favorite pastime is to give you hugs by wrapping her paws around your shoulders. Sammy is currently looking for her forever home.

Peanut, on the other hand, is a beautiful cream and white Boston who always had his tongue sticking out. Peanut came to the rescue because he had a cleft palate which needed surgery. Once Peanut arrived in foster the rescue quickly realized that he had some behavioral issues that needed to be sorted out before he was able to go to a forever home. Peanut was overstimulated by noises and other dogs. With the help of some friends, he was transported to Happy Trails Training in Pennsylvania. “With months of training and love he blossomed into an amazing dog and found his forever home. He now lives in the country with a loving family and a Shepard brother who he adores,” said Pisciotta.

This adoption story is one of the rescues favorites as it took so many people from many organizations (vets, trainers, transporters, rescuers, and his adopters) to give Peanut a chance to thrive in a life he so deserved. The rescue says none of this would have been possible without each person that volunteered to help and that makes this story extra special to Tuxedo Hearts.

Facebook: Tuxedo-Hearts-Boston-Terrier-Rehoming-Rescue-10898345169214

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