“Haring-isms” – Keith Haring quotes on the go

Haring-isms book cover
Haring-isms by Keith Haring

Haring-isms is literally a pocket book

A carry-with-you yellow-jacketed volume collated by Larry Warsh called Haring-isms is available now with Keith Haring quotes. Warsh’s earliest memories of Haring’s work were literally many of the street pieces, graffiti art created at great risk with great joy despite Haring’s frequent arrests.

Warsh often went to Haring’s Pop Shop on Lafayette Street. This personal knowledge informs the selections of quotes. Groupings include youth, visual language, subway drawings, sex, and AIDS, among many other quotes. All of them contribute to the sense of longing for a genius who burned so brightly and was gone too soon.

Be sure to read the foreword, explore the sources and especially the chronology that finishes the book. Buy it. Keep it in your pocket.

Understand why more than 30 years after his death, Keith Haring’s work speaks volumes about this world he couldn’t see but foresaw.

Haring-isms by Larry Warsh is ISBN 978-0-691-20985-2.