Grounds for Sculpture Spiral Q Parade exhibit is a must see

Spiral Q exhibit at Grounds For Sculpture. Photo by Rachel Warrinr
Spiral Q exhibit at Grounds For Sculpture. Photo by Rachel Warrinr

The nonprofit group Spiral Q has been working through the arts to seek community pride and political attitude change in the city of Philadelphia since 1966. The group is recognized locally and regionally as a grass-roots leader rooted in community work through the use of the myriad arts and social activism. Spiral Q has a rich history of processions and approaches to individual and community expression, such as memorial tributes, wearable structures, large scale puppetry, and more.

They are most remembered for their use of the extremely large and walkable puppetry in many marches. They also reach the community with murals, posters, and street fairs. Through each of these forms of activism and art the group has been a trailblazer in reaching all ages with an emphasis on telling the stories of the marginalized including, but not limited to, immigrants, trans, and communities of color. 

The Spiral Q exhibit is a seen as way to expand the reach of the work beyond the confines of Philadelphia, say the curators. 

The current show at Grounds for Sculpture includes just a small piece of their work. And it is a mesmerizing collection. The works evoke through words and art the need for more activism to assist the marginalized communities that are front and center in the show. For Out in Jersey readers the works for and about the trans community are well worth a look. 

Grounds For Sculpture features the display in the second level of the Domestic Arts Building on their 44 acre campus in Hamilton Township.

Spiral Q: The Parade is an exhibition rooted in communal, collective advocacy for the greater good with participatory workshops and community collaborations to ensure the accessibility of the exhibition.

Spiral Q has worked with around 3,500 individuals each year and its public work is estimated to have reached audiences of 30,000 annually. The mission is to build strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes, and the courage to act on their convictions.

The current exhibit runs through January 7, 2024. It is co-curated by Kathleen Ogilvie Greene, Chief Audience Officer at Grounds For Sculpture, and Quentin Williams, Founder and CEO of Dragon Tree Media Group.

Peter J Frycki
Peter Frycki is the Publisher of Out In Jersey magazine and an occasional writer and reviewer. He enjoys bicycling, long walks, reading non-fiction biography and historical novels. History, politics, and current events are a passion all-day long that keep him very busy.