Green Hill senior community in West Orange earns Sagecare certification

Some of the folks that attended the 2018 Senior Living Expo at Green Hill Senior Living in West Orange, NJ
Some of the folks that attended the 2018 Senior Living Expo at Green Hill Senior Living in West Orange, NJ

The health care needs of LGBT residents are provided for with certification

Green Hill, a senior living space in West Orange, is celebrating its second year as the only senior care provider in the state to earn a Sagecare Platinum Certification. “Seniors are one of the most marginalized groups in our culture,” said Amy Simon, communications director. “LGBT seniors are the most vulnerable when it comes to health care services and safe and welcoming housing.”

Green Hill Senior Center banner adThe Sagecare certification indicates that care providers at Green Hill are well-trained in cultural competency and the health care needs of their LGBT residents. According to Green Hill’s 2018 Annual Report: “LGBT seniors who currently live openly fear they will have to go ‘back into the closet’ to avoid discrimination, harassment or assault. That their partners, allies, family members and friends will not be safe and welcomed in the community where they live. That they will not have access to healthcare from providers who are experienced in serving the needs of the LGBT community.”

Green Hill has set a goal to help develop more accredited options in New Jersey for aging members of the LGBT community, so the facility is now working with the senior care industry leaders and the LGBT community. Their initiative, to establish an LGBT Senior Housing and Care program, is intended as a best-practices model of care for both new and existing senior communities throughout the state.

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Green Hill will be hosting their second annual Senior Housing And Care Expo on May 19, 2019. It will offer educational seminars, vendors, and a networking lunch. It will be held at their facility at 103 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052. For more information, go to their website,