Governor Corzine almost promises marriage equality in 2009


GSE LEGENDS Dinner Highlight

“I’m a Democrat and I’m straight and I believe in marriage equality,” said New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine at the Garden State Equality (GSE) Legends Dinner in February. “If we work together, 2009 will be the year when I will take this pen out of my pocket and we will sign the marriage equality bill.” This is Corzine’s newest and strongest statement this year. It had to be. The pressure is on if he wants LGBT support this November.

Earlier in February, Corzine appeared in New York City at the Human Rights Campaign dinner where he spoke about Prop 8 in California and said, “I believe in marriage equality. New Jersey is going to reverse that, and we’re gong to move forward, and we’re going to have a happy governor signing the marriage equality bill when it gets to my desk.” 

But when?