Going Where no plot continuity has ever gone before



The latest installment of that license-to-print-money known as the Star Trek franchise is both amazingly good and seriously problematic. First the good stuff – the action, the CGI the things-that-blow-up are all outstanding. There is simply no let-up in the high powered plot line as it jumps from one catastrophic development to another even more catastrophic situation – one that usually requires the young Kirk to fight another half dozen bad guys at a time. That brings us right to the very best part – the casting and acting of the six crucial roles: Kirk, Spock, Uhuru, McCoy, Scotty and Chekov. Set in a time period immediately before the very first Star Trek TV series, these were the young, still in the Academy versions of the famous crew. For both casting and acting, this was a very challenging assignment and one that was met with eminently satisfactory skill.  All six, in appearance, mannerism and attitude, were fully believable as younger versions of the familiar characters – versions that still had much to learn but plainly showed the signs of what they would become.