Giovanni’s Room is celebrating 50 years of being a safe haven

Giovannis Room from outside
Giovannis Room

While some conservative leaders are in the process of trying to ban important literature, a Philadelphia bookstore is coming up on its 50 year anniversary of selling LGBTQ books. The store, Giovanni’s Room, has much historical importance for the LGBTQ community. It has been a trailblazer for representation and has paved the way for other queer-owned businesses. The store has also made a special effort to welcome trans youth, who need a safe space during a time when many laws have been taking aim at suppressing the community.

This has been a very beautiful and bold step to take, and the store is doing so much good in helping these yoing people feel safe and accepted just as they are. In addition to having many amazing books to choose from which allows readers to have a premier selection, the store has also hosted many cool events such as a Queer Book Club and gallery installations for local artists and writers.

The store has done an incredible job at fostering a sense of belonging for generations of LGBTQ individuals.

Visitors have been flocking to Giovanni’s Room for many years to check out their impressive collection of novels. With around 7,000 books on the shelves to choose from. Giovanni’s Room is a place anyone in the community should visit. There is sure to be a book that will catch your interest.

Being open for so many years proves that the store has an excellent selection of choices. The staff prides themselves in trying to do their best in helping the reader find a perfect book. Finding a story that can have an inspiring impact is especially important for queer individuals. Certain books, especially those in Giovanni’s Room, can help empower and uplift others. Stories pertaining to LGBTQ experiences serve a vital role in showing we are just as human and valid as our straight peers.

On June 10, the store will be hosting an event to celebrate being open for five decades. The celebration, called “Queerapalooza”, will have music from local bands, drag performers, DJs, and of course books and merchandise for sale. This store continues its legacy of having great content that is meant to empower and amplify a community that people have tried to surpass for so long.

With all the laws proposed, and in some states passed, and the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and hateful messages, Giovanni’s Room proves that love will always overpower hate. The store has stood the ultimate test of time selling beautiful stories that have inspired many.

Books are art. Art is made with people’s talents and voices, and that should never be silenced. Giovanni’s Room proves that the community will always share their truth. Giovanni’s Room will continue to be a special safe haven for hopefully many years to come.