Gingrich accuses LGBT Americans of fascism



Newt Gingrich, seeking to frame the 2012 Republican platform, has accused LGBT Americans of forming a fascist alliance with secularists to use violence against “traditional religion.”  Surely, you remember Newt Gingrich: the thrice married twice divorced adulterer who championed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for perjuring himself about having committed adultery. One must always keep this in mind whenever Newt Gingrich blathers on about “traditional religion.”

Mr. Gingrich, the author of Rediscovering God in America, had been invited twice by the late Jerry Fallwell to be the commencement speaker at Liberty University. Surely such a Christian gentleman would be more charitable to the LGBT community that includes his own half-sister, the lesbian activist Candace Gingrich.  Then again, reactionary Christian families are well known for excommunicating their LGBT relations.