George Takei takes aim at White House with hilarious political phone app

George Takei with Trumpy Cat
George Takei with Trumpy Cat
A new way to play a part on the world’s political stage

Actor, activist and social media icon George Takei has launched House of Cats, a new political app sure to rile up the White House. The app combines what the internet loves best: cats and politics.

Using Pokemón GO-style augmented reality features, users can take the inaugural character “Trumpy Cat” out of the White House and put him anywhere they want. They can  add outrageous dialogue of their own. They can even take dialogue straight from the Tweeter-in-Chief — and share with friends.

“This is, without a doubt, one of the most absurd and tragic moments in U.S. history. We should feel upset about some of the things that are happening, but we created this app so we can laugh about some of the more ridiculous stuff,” said Takei.

‘This app is going to be much bigger than Pokemón Go’ 
George Takei political fun phone app with Trumpy Cat
George Takei political fun phone app with Trumpy Cat

House of Cats is the first political app that puts users in the center of the action. They can interact with world leaders and the latest news. And they can create their own funny short videos or just enjoy the latest antics from the White House.

The app features built-in animations and augmented reality. It has fresh content pulled straight from the headlines, and new dialogue straight from the POTUS’s mouth. With House of Cats, users can pick favorite crazy quotes and relive some of the funniest lines from the most hilarious animated presidential cat in U.S. history

Users can watch Trumpy Cat interact with his family, friends and enemies in the Oval Office. With a tap on the drop icon below the presidential seal — drop him into the real world in augmented reality mode. And you can use the microphone to make Trumpy Cat say anything you want.

Users can create, record and share videos of themselves and their friends with Trumpy Cat. The app also keeps users giggling with funny zingers and short skits that riff off the latest news.

The app will launch with a small cast of characters — Trumpy Cat, Meowlania, Vladdy Putin and Lil’ Rocket Pug. But the world of the app will continue to grow and evolve with the politics of the day. Developers will add new characters and satirical content in sync with world events and new features that enhance users’ experiences. New functions will also be added, like selfie mode and internal postings.

“House of Cats is fun, it’s engaging, it’s interactive, and it’s fresh. There will always be new, timely political humor to enjoy. Best of all, everyone can participate! Laughter is powerful medicine, and it’s impossible not to laugh at the bright orange animal who lucked into a job running the United States,” said Takei. “I’m talking about Trumpy Cat, of course.”

The app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play for $0.99, and a premium content subscription version will be available soon. Please note not all features will be immediately available on iPhone 6 and older iPhone versions.

A percentage of the net profits from House of Cats will be donated to Refugees International.