Gay couple snubbed by New Jersey Country Club


LGBT Advocates say the word “married” would have made a difference 

A Glen Ridge Country Club was advertising for new members to join the club. Michael Norton and his partner, Stewart D. Grossman, thought a membership in the local country club would be a great idea.  When he made the application Michael Norton asked if membership would include his domestic partner. The aide said they could only do that for married couples. When he stressed his domestic partnership status he says the club administrator gave him the cold shoulder.

“It was unbelievable. I thought I was kicked in the stomach,” Norton, 58, of Bloomfield said yesterday to the Star Ledger.

Barry Schrager, president of the country club’s nine-member board, said Norton and his partner, Stewart D. Grossman, 62, were victims of an unfortunate misunderstanding that stemmed from the employee’s error in stating the club’s membership policy. He said the club abides by state law, which recognizes same-sex couples as civil unions and domestic partners.