Gay couple awarded legal fees in assault case in Gloucester City

King Street Pub in Gloucester City, NJ
King Street Pub in Gloucester City, NJ

King Street Pub owner Stanley J. Bond was ordered to pay $9,000 in legal fees to couple David Monaco and Florin Nikollaj as the result of a 2015 assault. The legal fees and court costs are in addition to the $31,000 in damages awarded by Superior Court Judge Michael J. Kassel.

The March 2018 judgment is the result of a lawsuit filed by the same-sex couple in 2016. The lawsuit was filed a year after they were assaulted in the King Street Pub in Gloucester City, NJ.

During a visit to the pub in May of 2015, Monaco and Nikollaj said they were accosted by two King Street Pub patrons. The couple said the patrons repeatedly hurled anti-gay insults at them. Later, the patrons grabbed food from Monaco’s plate and punched Monaco in the face according to the court records.

According to the settled lawsuit, one of the patrons told the bar manager he was “going to fuck with those fags.” and the manager failed to intervene.

The couple was represented by Mount Laurel, NJ law firm Costello & Mains.

J.L. Gaynor
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