Gay country artist Brian Falduto aims to make country music that our community can connect with

Brian Falduto
Brian Falduto

Recently releasing a new single titled “Just a Phase.” Brian Falduto is continuing to make a name for himself as an out and proud country artist. Having viral success on TikTok earlier this year with the song “Same Old Country Love Song” and being featured as a “Pride Pick” on Apple Music’s Proud Radio, Falduto continues to make waves in the music industry. By also releasing his album Gay Country, he shows that there is potential for much more success to be coming his way.

Falduto continues to write songs centering around gay love and heartbreak. “Just a Phase” is a good indicator of where he wants to continue to go with his sound. Falduto believes there are so many LGBTQ people who love country music but just have not always felt the genre was fully for them. He hopes to welcome more queer listeners with his music to embrace the beauty that comes from country songs. We spoke to Falduto about the impact his debut album had, dealing with his first heartbreak, which led to his new single, and one of his favorite albums by a country music queen!

Congratulations on the release of your new single! Can you tell us the story behind this song being written?

Brian Falduto: “Just a Phase” is about my first queer relationship, with my ex-boyfriend. We started dating in college then we came out together. It was not a very healthy relationship when it ended, I heard him calling it just a phase. The song is about different perspectives. I really felt like the relationship was something more and he did not. I felt gaslit afterwards so that is what led the song to be written.

What made you feel like now was the best time to release it?

BF: It was just I was able to finally get the production right. I finally locked in with this producer in Brooklyn named Brett Castro. A lot of my stuff prior has had a ‘90s country feel; this one has a bit more of a moody vibe and I just feel like Brett could do wonders with it. It was just about finding the right match and getting production to where I wanted it.

Brian Falduto
Brian Falduto (Photo by Mia Isabella)

We heard in March you also released a new album, how has the response been from listeners so far?

BF: It has been great. A lot of people who are queer really like country music but they just have not had the best outlet yet to truly embrace it. The album is called Gay Country. My goal was to take the country music people grew up knowing and loving and give it a queer spin. I have been getting messages from people saying that they really needed an album like this. It really is a beautiful thing to have such a great response.

Which song on the album are you most proud of?

BF: “Same Old Country Love Song,” which was the lead single. It blew up on TikTok for a little while. The song just takes a song we’ve heard so many times and makes it gay. It was not that crazy of a concept, but at the same time it is, given the direction country music has gone in the past and how it has been so difficult for diverse artists to break through. That simple yet profound message really resonated with people.

Was there any song in particular that was hard to get the finished version right for the album?

The "Just a Phase" album cover from Brian Falduto
The “Just a Phase” album cover from Brian Falduto

BF: “Skip the Step” was pretty hard. I recorded that one in Nashville and I am from New York. I was told by a lot of producers down there that it could not be a country song because it has a big key change in it and too many chords. I grew up listening to some country songs that had big changes so I was not going to give up. Getting that song right was a bit of a battle.

We really do not have too many out-of-the-closet country singers, so what has been the most amazing part for you to be able to be your true self and release country songs?

BF: We don’t have too many but thankfully there is a growing number. It has been awesome though. I think any success I have had with this album comes from trying to be my authentic self. I feel like there are a ton of queer people like me who enjoy country music but needed something to latch on to.

Who are some of your most listened-to country artists right now?

BF: I grew up on Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Dolly Parton so I always will enjoy a lot of those classic artists. These days though I am listening to a lot of Kacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile. I really enjoy artists who are questioning the norms of country music. I also loved Kelsea Ballerini’s new album. She really broke some rules on that project. It is really an exciting time for country music.

Brian Falduto
Brian Falduto (Photo by Mia Isabella)

What is one country music album that is really special to you?

BF: I will have to go with Faith Hill’s Breathe album. It was the first album I owned. I would dance around my house to it pretending I was Faith Hill and being a diva. That album really had an impact on the artist I have become.

What are your plans and goals for the future in your music career?

BF: I want to continue to have opportunities to create art that feels authentic and real. As an independent artist, sometimes good opportunities are hard to come by, so just continuing to hustle and have opportunities come more regularly is a big goal. If I end up playing Madison Square Garden one day I certainly won’t complain, but for now just creating authentic art is really important for me.