Gay Christmas movie everyone can enjoy


Make the Yuletide Gay DVDMOVIE REVIEW – Make The Yuletide Gay

This is a Christmas movie everyone can enjoy. You could even put it on TV while the family is recovering from the feast and the Christmas turkey is being digested. 

College senior, Olaf ‘Gunn’ Gunnunderson is totally in love with his very gay sweetheart. The boyfriends part for Christmas beak but Nathan’s cold, self-absorbed family has gone on a cruise without him. Nathan then decides to go to Wisconsin and surprise his true love. When he gets there, there are indeed a few surprises: Gunn is in the closet; Gunn’s mom, Anya is a major Christmas enthusiast who says "Dontcha" frequently; and Gunn takes after his dad Sven – anatomically speaking – a fact learned when Gunn’s stoner dad greets Nathan at the door in an open bathrobe.